Expressives Leadership Summit
Jmy James Kidd, Nickels Sunshine, Dorothy Dubrule and GREX
Friday, Sep 15 2017
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
$150-250 sliding scale ($30-50 per day) Register
The Expressives Leadership Summit is a radical, experimental 5 day event hosted at Pieter founded upon the belief that a large part of a dance rehearsal process is social dynamic. The summit will reflect upon the roles of choreographer and dancer and the relationship between the two. The implicit power dynamics that take shape in the studio can result in frustration, confusion, objectification, and/or passivity that often finds its way into our individual bodies, the group dynamic, and ultimately, the work.
This summit is a collaboration between choreographers Jmy James KiddNickels Sunshine and Dorothy Dubrule, as well as consultants from an empirical field of study called Group Relations (including Jack Lampl, past president of A K Rice Institute for the study of social systems, organizational consultant, and visual artist) and artist, performer and group relations practitioner Andrea Fraser. The impetus of this collaboration is to explore topics of authority, agency, roles and ownership within a rehearsal process. Our goal is to create a customized set of tools for identifying conflict, communicating desires and affecting collective change. 
This 5 day event will be very much an experiment for both the dancers and the Group Relations staff, as each will hybridize their methods to be very physical while at the same time addressing the above-stated topics. Time will be spent in improvisation structures, group discussions, devised rehearsal environments, and traditional group relations “events.” More information about Group Relations and its lineage can be found here.
The Expressives Leadership Summit will take place: Monday, September 11 through Friday, September 15 10am-2pm (with the exception of Wednesday, 9/13, which will extended: 10am-4pm)
Participation is limited to people who identify as dancers and choreographers and have experience directing and/or being directed in a movement-based rehearsal process.
The total cost of participation is $150-$250 sliding scale, which we have negotiated to be accessible to dancers while at the same time covering staffing and space costs.

In order to estimate total participation and design events accordingly, please email if you would like to attend.

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Photo Credit: Joanne Kim, Pictured: SUNLAND Dancers