Exquisite Corpse
Laurel Atwell
Tuesday, Oct 17 2017
10:30 AM - 1:30 PM
$20 Register
Autumn is a time of shedding, dying off, clearing out. Releasing the unnecessary aspects from our bodies and reaping the bounty from the other seasons, we are preparing ourselves for the coming Winter.
We will explore our own Autumns, using movement exercises and meditations based in Qi Gong, allowing us to become more in tune with how the season manifests within while finding a balance with the other times of year.
We will practice listening to our own systems as well as other’s; identifying and meditating with specific organs; building internal heat and power that can be released and/or stored; balancing the cooler Yin to the heat of the Yang. This workshop is open to all levels and bodies. Please bring a notebook and writing instrument.


Since 2008, Laurel Atwell has been living in Brooklyn and making work that has recently become more interdisciplinary with her research conducted as a Movement Research Artist in Residence. Since 2010, she has been studying Universal Healing Tao Qi Gong with Melanie Maar, Daria Fain, Sharon Smith, and Mantak Chia. Laurel began teaching in 2012, and has taught classes using the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine 5-Element Theory and Qi Gong for groups and individuals throughout NY. Laurel has the pleasure of collaborating with Tess Dworman; the two recently created WellMan, a class drawing from Qi Gong and Secular Buddhist Meditation practices offering the series at Domestic Performance Agency, CUE Arts Center, and Movement Research. Her work has been presented at Abrons Arts Center, Dixon Place, Center for Performance Research, Draftworks at Danspace Project, Domestic Performance Agency, Links Hall in Chicago, IL, Movement Research at Judson Church, as well as throughout apartments, parks, and galleries in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. Laurel has recently appeared in the work of Laura Bartczak, Melanie Maar, Kathy Westwater, Tess Dworman, Ursula Eagly, Nikima Jagudajev, and Milka Djordjevich. She edits the Dance Pamphlets for 53rd State Press, is an agent of Athena Kokoronis’ Domestic Performance Agency, and is in the band Pine Island.
Photo Credit: Laurel Atwell