Family Constellations with facilitator Kato Wittich
Sunday, May 1 2016
3:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Family Constellations with facilitator Kato Wittich

See schedule below for dates and times.

Admission is free – donations are accepted.


Is there something stuck in you and you don’t know what it is?

Family Constellations is a powerful group transformational modality that allows us to uncover the deep family systemic entanglements that keep us repeating patterns we no longer want or need. It is a way of tapping in to the “field”, the vast and timeless source of information that connects us all and can be directly experienced when we are willing to open to the unknown and see what needs to be seen.

This is a work of unconditional love, of perceiving all beings as part of a greater whole, without judgment or the need to repress or hide any aspects of the family that have been seen as unacceptable. In acknowledging what is, we no longer need to resist, and all that vitality and energy becomes available for living the life we want.

Embrace the past to free the future!

In Constellations a client brings in a current issue that is blocking them from living fully, and the group acts as conduits to discover what the past source might be.  We are not looking to change anything, or even to heal it, although amazing transformations do happen. We desire simply to acknowledge how things actually are, without resistance or judgment. The paradox is that in agreeing to things as they are, we open the door for new possibilities in the future. Often those shifts become evident during the process of the constellation itself – as a family structure that was originally stuck and not flowing becomes whole and vibrant.

What to expect:

Family Constellations is a group process that involves inviting information that is held in what founder Bert Hellinger calls “the knowing field” to be manifested, so that it is no longer hidden.  This is a mysterious and astonishing process that looks a little like psychodrama but is very different because the participants are not play acting, they are acting as conduits for feelings that are not their own, but are coming in to them from the family system that we are engaged with.

Each workshop evening, several clients will have commissioned constellations for an issue that is bothering them in their current life.  Constellations are appropriate for all issues: from relationships or career to illness or emotional blockages.

Members of the group will be chosen to represent family members or elements of the issue. Representing is often deeply healing in itself, as it usually ends up connecting the representative with places in their own lives that are blocked and need flow.

Our constellations are done blind, which means that the representatives do not know who or what they are representing, so that their own personal perspectives will not shape the information that is coming in to them. It is truly amazing how accurate we can be in service to the information that needs to come through in order for a family to find flow!  Most representatives are profoundly touched by the experience of being filled up with the field and experiencing emotions that are not theirs, but being channeled through them for the benefit of another person’s family system.

This is a direct experience of something completely outside of how we move through daily life, and even just witnessing the process can be life changing.

It is a wonderful modality for doubters because it does not require belief in anything. You do not need to have any training or special practice. You simply have to show up and be willing to be curious and open and leave your belief systems at the door!

Family Constellations is an extremely joyful and satisfying practice, even when dealing with the most painful of issues.

Come join us!

Admission is free for those who want to witness or wish to participate as representatives, although donations will be accepted.

To commission a constellation please email Kato for rates and availability.

For more info go to or our Facebook group.

Katarina (Kato) Wittich has been midwifing others in their journey toward wholeness for over twenty years. Her primary modalities are the somatic therapy practice of Rosen Method with the addition of Yuen Method energetic tools, and the powerful group phenomenological practice of Family Constellations. 

She is the founder of Liquid Soul Ecstatic Dance, a collective which provides the healing and joyful practice of moving in community on the east side of Los Angeles.

Family Constellations Schedule

You are welcome to come late or leave early, just do it quietly. First timers please come on time so that you will be there for the introduction.

May 1          5pm to 8:30

May 15        5pm to 8:30

May 29      3pm to 6:30

June 12     No Constellations

June 26    3pm to 6:30

July 10       3pm to 6:30

July 24      3pm to 6:30

Aug 7         3pm to 6:30

Aug 21        3pm to 6:30

Sept 4        No Constellations

Sept 18       No Constellations

Oct 2           3pm to 6:30

ongoing every other Sunday.

If you’re inclined to believe that we are all connected, but want proof—come to a constellation. Whether you are participating as a representative or watching your own family constellation unfold as a client, being a part of a constellation is a deeply moving, liberating experience. Each time I’ve participated, I’ve felt a physical release and a shift in my family dynamics. You don’t get to repeat your old story in a constellation. Rather, you step inside an experience of your family history that you may never have known, with new compassion, new understanding.

As a representative, I found myself effortlessly embodying others’ family members in ways that defy description and felt changes in my being just as if I had been participating as a client. You don’t have to worry about “performing” at a constellation event. Kato puts everyone at ease with her deft blend of focused leadership and subtly deployed wisdom. Her knowledge of the Family Constellations and her lengthy experience with other healing modalities form a secure foundation for the group.

I tell almost everyone I know who is interested in healing—even from seemingly intractable issues—to come to these events. Family Constellations have radically altered the way I view what is possible in healing and confirmed for me that we really are all One.  – A. H. Artist