Fathom by Ulrich Krieger
Saturday, Dec 14 2013
8:30 PM - 11:30 PM

Ulrich Krieger studied classical/contemporary saxophone, composition, electronic music, and musicology in Berlin and New York. And for more than 10 years researched and studied didjeridu and Australian Aboriginal music and culture. As composer and performer he has played concerts in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia.

His compositions have been performed by: oh-ton ensemble, Ensemble UnitedBerlin, Ensemble Klangwerkstatt, zeitkratzer, KontraTrio, Seth Josel, Matias de Oliveira Pinto, California EARUnit, Soldier String Quartet, Wandelweiser Ensemble, and many others.

As rock, noise and electronic musicians he collaborates and performs with Lou Reed, Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Thomas Köner, John Duncan, Zbigniew Karkowski, DJ Olive, Rob Wasserman, Alan Licht, Kasper T Toeplitz, Christian Marclay, Merzbow, Faust, and many more.

As classical and contemporary saxophonist he recorded works by Cage, Berio, Scelsi, Partch, Reich, Riley, Glass, Bryars, Niblock, Tenney, Webern, Cowell, Grainger and many more. Further he worked as performer with Michiko Hirayama, LaMonte Young, Phill Niblock, Mario Bertoncini, Radu Malfatti, Michael Pisaro, Witold Szalonek, Miriam Marbe, Hans-Joachim Hespos, David First, Elliott Sharp, Berlin Philharmonics, Ensemble Modern, PARTCH Ensemble, Dietmar Diesner, Wolfgang Fuchs and others.


Joshua Carro is a sound artist, composer, percussionist, teacher, and record producer based in Los Angeles, California.  carro has performed in countless recitals and concerts in U.S.A. and Canada and is known for his electro-acoustic drumset improvisations using an original setup which he has developed after recent research in the medium of electro-acoustic music during his Masters studies at CalArts from 2011-2013.  Being a professional performer and teacher since the age of 18, carro has performed on many different percussion instruments from tabla accompaniment for Pt. Aashish Khan to electro-acoustic percussion with German rock band Faust at REDCAT.  As a composer, carro has been commissioned by Susan Allen (Asst. Dean CalArts) William Powell (Clarinet Chair CalArts) and Marthe Reed (Creative Writing Chair at LSU) with performances in Theartre 80 New York, University of Central Florida, Arizona State University, and The Lite Venue in Louisianna.  As a recording artist, carro has released over 10 electro-acoustic albums on a series of net labels including: H.L.M. (France), Somehow Recordings (London), with reviews by Silent Ballet, Kultur Industrialna (Poland), Norman Records, and Linus Records (Japan).

Antony DiGennaro is a composer, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and music educator originally from Simsbury, Connecticut, currently residing somewhere in Southern California. He has been involved in groups in the past such as the Connecticut based avant-jazz group A Probe Called Gnomes (with Dan Campolieta – keys, Tom Monaghan – percussion, and Geoff Saunders – bass;) Ham on Rye (with Nick Rosen – bass, Cooper Baker – laptop) and Javanese Gamelan Kyai Doro Dasih under the leadership of Pak Djoko Walujo. He has also scored the award winning animated films of Wenchung Lu, experimental films by Sandra Powers and Cheat Mountain Run, a live action film by Ben Feuer.

Current projects include Tinhorn Justice, an experimental metal group (with Cory Beers on percussion and vocals, Ian Carrol on trombone and vocals, James Barry ..o and electric bass, and Kyle Ross on vocals and electronic devices;) Tears of the Moosechaser, an experimental pop project (with Kyle Ross and others;) Plotz! (Dan Rosenboom – trumpet, Jake Vossler – guitar, Gavin Templeton – sax, Brian Walsh – clarinets & sax, Austin Wrinkle – percussion, Antony – bass;) Mossman (Jake Vossler – guitar and vocals, Austin Wrinkle – percussion, Antony on electric bass) in addition to several new film scores, live action and animated, and some music for dance. While working on his BFA at California Institute of the Arts, he has studied composition and improvisation with Ulrich Krieger, Michael Jon Fink, Vinny Golia, Susan Allen, Barry Schrader, and Arthur Jarvinen, among others. Antony has also recently completed recording two solo guitar albums, The Dunes Thus Far, (to be released hopefully in the relatively near future, maybe) and A Lonesome Fog, to be released on pfMentum in the very near future.

Max Kutner
is a guitarist, composer and instructor originally from Las Vegas, NV. As an instrumentalist, Max’s focus is on new works for the electric guitar as well the promotion of electric guitar in new performance settings. His performance credits include dozens of recitals with various singers and chamber groups as well as leading several live bands with varying stylistic focuses. Max is being featured on an upcoming album of John Cage’s indeterminate works for Mode Records and has previously been a soloist with the University of Nevada Chamber Choir and Guitar Ensemble. Recently, he developed, produced, and played multiple instruments in the U.S. premiere performance of Mike Keneally’s The Universe Will Provide at REDCAT in Downtown Los Angeles. He has also participated in a performance of Sofia Gubaidulina’s music at REDCAT with the composer in attendance. Max has also performed as lead guitarist for Truckee River Community College (TMCC) productions of HAIR and RENT and has contributed to the sound design of an adaptation of Eugene O’Neill’s Desire Under the Elms.  As of 2012, he is on the Adjunct Faculty of CalArts as guitar instructor for non-majors.