FELT TIME THE HISTORY OF NOW | Knees, Schools, Urges
Jmy James Kidd & Tara Jane O’Neil
Thursday, Jun 9 2022
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Bookings are closed for this event.

The Now that has passed before you finish saying it. FELT TIME THE HISTORY OF NOW by Jmy James Kidd is the gathered works in material and immaterial collaborations with dancer Perin Hailey, Artist Consultant Nick Duran Fair and musician Tara Jane O’Neil. TJ and Jmy perform Body and Bass, a 10-year ongoing project of intertwined dance, music & living. Perin and Jmy perform Believers, a dance made for sanity during the pandemic. Soft Round Broken Threaded, a FeltLoom piece created from sweaters out of Pieter’s Free Boutique hangs in the gallery. A Risograph book designed and printed by Caroline Partamian gives context and connection to stories, experiences, philosophies and Tara Jane’s music for dance archive. I’m a dancer branches out from the writing in the Risograph book, gives voice to and invites participation from all dancers. Sessions with Artist Consultant Nick gave shape to the visioning process.




Artists, roles: Nick Duran: Fair Artist Consultant,  Perin Hailey: Dancer,  Tara Jane O’Neil: Musician, Caroline Partamian: Risograph Design and Printing, Ethan Primason: FeltLoom Framing


Saturday June 9, 6:00pm-7pm (Jmy James Kidd & Tara Jane O’Neil)

Thursday June 16, unspecified performance times thru the day between 11-6pm (Jmy James Kidd & Perin Hailey McNelis)

Saturday June 18, 6-7pm (Jmy James Kidd & Perin Hailey McNelis)


About the artist: Jmy James Kidd makes dances, textiles and community spaces. Jmy is the founder of Pieter Performance Space in Los Angeles, CA. Choreographic commissions include REDCAT, The Kitchen, Made in LA 2014, The Broad, The Getty, Pacific Standard Time 2013. Residencies include Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BOFFO, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. Jmy was a 2021 MacDowell Fellow. Jmy is visioning a Music and Dance Temple to be built somewhere sometime in the next 10 years. Jmy frequently collaborates with wife, musician Tara Jane O’Neil.


Accessibility Note:The Box gallery is all on one level and has a rear entrance with a ramp. There are 2 small gender neutral single stall bathrooms on site. Please note that the bathrooms do not have a rail for transfer assistance and have limited space for larger mobility devices. Please contact the Box with any access needs and for more details:  info@theboxla.com 1(213) 625-1747


COVID protocol: As COVID safety negotiation continues to be part of our community choreography, Pieter will continue to strive to be transparent and clear about our practices, with the goal of always prioritizing the most vulnerable among us. All events will require masks and utilize our Button Buddies which you can learn more about HERE


About the exhibition: A collaboration between Pieter Performance Space and The Box, curated by Jennie MaryTai Liu and assistant curator Alana Frey, Knees, Schools, Urges is a performance program and exhibition which invites ten dancers / artists to grapple with documented and undocumented histories of early 20th century modern dance in the place now known as Los Angeles. An examination of the absence of archived history of dance and dancers in the region, and the undersung work that historically minoritized artists have done in the field, the project looks both forward and backward, approaching the timeframe of the exhibition as an opportunity to document and create an archive which acknowledges the value of short-term local history as an ongoing project for present and future generations. 

by Eden Batki, Redcat 2012, Jmy James Kidd in NICK+JAMES LAKE
by Joanne Kim, Redcat 2018, Body Bags, Tara Jane O'Neil with dancers
Jmy James Kidd/Tara Jane ONeil and The Sunland Dancers, Los Angeles Theater, 2017 by Anthony Rivera
image courtesy the artist, photographed by Ry Rocklen