Fingertips Toward Floor, Head Follows or The Lazy Sexy Peepshow // Anya Cloud and Eric Geiger
Saturday, Nov 15 2014
8:30 PM - 11:30 PM

Fingertips Toward Floor, Head Follows or The Lazy Sexy Peepshow:

Choreography and performance by Anya Cloud and Eric Geiger

Sound Design: Anya Cloud and Eric Geiger in collaboration with Emily Jankowski

In Fingertips Toward Floor, Head Follows or The Lazy Sexy Peepshow we take on epic-ness, elegance, being lazy-sexy but more lazy than sexy, intelligent recklessness, and reversibility. This evening length dance work is influenced by our individual ways of moving, Trisha Brown’s choreography, the Feldenkrais™ Method and the questions that arise.

We’ve been cultivating an interest in the multiplicity of ways that we can be in relationship- formal, intimate, subtle and even unruly. We enter this work with the bodies that we have and also give ourselves permission to be in otherness.

The dancing is patient, curvilinear, swirling, specifically initiated, elongated, folding, presentational, headlong, thrusting, unloaded and inflated. And we sing. We dance with each other, along side each other and throw ourselves at one another. Love and trust are central to this dance.


Anya Cloud: I believe in dancing with the bodies that we have toward cultivating radical aliveness, longevity, and possibility. Born and raised between the rural landscapes of Alaska and Montana, I currently live in San Diego. I hold an MFA from UC San Diego and BA’s from the University of Montana. I have had the pleasure of working with and/or performing for Sara Shelton Mann, Jane Comfort, Kim Epifano, Eric Geiger, Karen Schaffman, Mary Reich, Yolande Snaith, and Leslie Seiters among others. I am also a member of LIVE, which practices and performs spontaneous composition weekly. My work as a dancer and dance maker reciprocally influences and sustains my teaching. I am a Lecturer in Dance at CSU San Marcos and teach/facilitate contact improvisation nationally and internationally. I value the ongoing negotiation that is required of me as a dancer as I work to engage intellectual and physical modulation. I believe in the possibility for movement to engender humanity in the world. Dance is deeply relevant and necessary for me.

Eric Geiger: 
I make dances and collaborate with other artists. Making connections within my whole self, and with others, helps me to navigate through, interact with, and attempt to make sense of the world around me. My values around performance and dance have been deeply influenced by my experiences in performing works by and collaborating with artists such as Bill T. Jones, William Forsythe, Stephen Petronio, Susan Marshall, Maguy Marin, Angelin Preljocaj, Nancy McCaleb, Sarah Shelton Mann, Deborah Hay, LIVE, Jess Humphrey and Anya Cloud. I’m the Co-Artistic Director of PADL West, a laboratory for performance, art, and dance, alongside Karen Schaffman. I also do my best to guide courses around what dance is and can be at UCSD as full-time faculty. I’ve recently started my third year training as a Feldenkrais Method practitioner. This work is helping me to better understand what the least amount of effort means as well as the idea of reversibility and re-direction in movement and other multiple contexts.

Admission is your non-monetary donation to the FREE bar or the FREE boutique. Suggested items include: unscented-laundry detergent, colorful lightbulbs, paper-towels, tea, wine, cake, your old sweaters.

Images by Tim Richards.  Please park on the street.