Fleshmitten & Breaking and Entering
Saturday, Oct 1 2011
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM

New Work by Emily Beattie, Alison D’Amato, and Olive Mckeon

Flesh Mitten
a dance collaboratively created by:
Emily Beattie & Alison D’Amato

This high-powered slow-mo duet takes on dance as an illicit opportunity for the spectator to infiltrate the body of the performer, and it celebrates our potential as dance-makers to custom fit events to this exact impulse. We see each other; we accept being seen and touched; we take this as far as we can. Think of it as a body rental, a supernatural possession, or a superhero’s suit – fleshmitten nestles into the space between us.

Breaking and Entering
by Olive McKeon
in collaboration with Mara Poliak, Ethan Cowan, Lila Dodge, Brianna Skellie, and a secret person

Breaking and Entering is a collection of beginnings and endings for a dance that never happens. It is about entrances and exits, about the ways that we know a dance is or is not happening. It is about the historical problem of origins: discerning how something begins is as difficult as understanding how it will end, like the project of choreography or capitalism. Breaking and Entering is also about disguises, wobbly knees, and being with you in a room. It is performed by five brilliant dancers from Oakland and San Francisco.