Odeya Nini
Sunday, Feb 25 2018
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
$35 Register
The Voice is an instrument that radiates from the soul, resonates in the body, and is pure breath. Harnessing the energy of the Voice is a strength that is felt deep within ourselves and heard loudly outside of ourselves.


This workshop is dedicated to sensing the voice, understanding the physicality of sound and realizing the healing effects we have on ourselves and others when we use our voice with intention. We will practice exercises that clear mental and physical expression, develop the imagination, and indulge in both wild playfulness and meditation. Free The Voice!
Odeya Nini is a Los Angeles based interdisciplinary vocalist, composer, yoga instructor and vocal coach. Her music spans orchestral pieces to solo vocal composition and sound installations. As a teacher she leads people on a journey to embody the voice through pure expression of sound and emotion, mind/ body awareness, and freeing the voice in a therapeutic manner. She leads Voice Baths, vocal sound baths with Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, and is interested in sound as powerful moving energy as both a teacher and contemporary performer. Her work has been shown internationally, from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv, Mongolia, Madagascar and Vietnam.
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Photo Credit: Adeline Newmann