FREE THE VOICE with Odeya Nini
Monday Night Class, curated by Stacy Dawson Stearns
Monday, Sep 10 2018
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
$15-20 sliding scale Register

The Monday Morning Class Series, Curated by Stacy Dawson Stearns, has fallen in love with the NIGHT. We changed. We bid adieu to the day. Fall with us into the dark comfort of evening as we continue the ongoing exchange of body-based creative practices led by teaching artists who practice within the phases of consciousness and creation. Nourish your practice and embrace Lunacy. #getheetoclass @MNCPieter





September 10, 17, 24: FREE THE VOICE with Odeya Nini




The Voice is an instrument that radiates from the soul, resonates in the body, and is pure energy and touch. Harnessing the energy of the Voice is a strength that is felt deep within ourselves and heard loudly outside of ourselves.





This workshop is dedicated to Vocal Expression, sensing the voice, feeling and understanding the physicality of sound, freeing our minds of preconceived ideas of song, and realizing the transformational healing effects we have on ourselves and others when we use our voice with intention and love.


Both through introspective work and outward playfulness, we will explore the voice as an instrument that radiates from the imagination, body and movement, not limited to conventions of language, but rather able to convey myriad forms of communication. 



Come play, shift, listen, explore and Free The Voice!



Wear comfortable clothes and bring a notebook.





Week 1 – Free The Voice: Vocal Warmth 
Focusing on the breath and various warm ups for our bodies and mind to prepare for sounding our VOICE.




Week 2 – Free The Voice: Imagination, Visualization and Energy
We will practice exercises that focus on seeing, feeling, moving sound within and around us.




Week 3 – Free The Voice: Sharing my Sound 
Working with others in sonic communication and deep listening. We will practice partner exercises, group exercises and conclude with lyrical round singing.








Odeya Nini is a Los Angeles based contemporary vocalist, composer, yoga instructor and vocal coach. Her music spans orchestral pieces to solo vocal composition, sound installations and sound healing Voice Baths. With backgrounds including theater, somatic practices and world music, her teaching leads people on a journey to embody the voice through pure expression of sound and emotion, mind/ body awareness, and freeing the voice in a therapeutic, interdisciplinary manner. Her workshops, Voice Baths and solo artistic work has been presented at concert halls, museums, universities and wellness centers and concert halls from Los Angeles to Australia, Mongolia, Madagascar and Vietnam. 


In June 2016 Odeya gave birth to her first child, a sweet little boy named Taiga Kol. The journey of motherhood has added an even deeper connection to the offering and nurturing of her voice.







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SEPT 10,17 and 24 // ODEYA NINI


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