A workshop with Gold Series 2 artists Sarah Leddy, Daniel Miramontes and alexx shilling
Monday, Nov 11 2019
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
$20, no one turned away for lack of funds Register

The practices of this, our golden hour, the ones we cannot live without, the practices that keep us going, that invite us to shine. Gold Series No. 2 is a dance performance series collectively curated around the theme of “gold.”



While Gold Series No. 1 was about the glory and showmanship of gold and all of its shades, Gold Series No. 2 speaks to the weight of gold, groundedness, rootedness and the immediacy of holding up that which has value for us in this moment. 



Sarah, Daniel and alexx will share a trio of practices fueling our choreographic and pedagogical inquiries beginning with Open Source Forms – the expansion of Skinner Releasing Technique – and devised scores from Sarah Leddy’s HARBOR and Carol McDowell’s Noetic Gestures. 



The Gold Collective was founded in the fall of 2018 during the first installment of Gold Series. The collective consists of Los Angeles-based dance artists Madison Clark, Sarah Leddy, Carol McDowell, Daniel Miramontes, and Alexx Shilling. Together they collaborate, curate, and produce dance works that surround shades and themes of gold.




Contact/RSVP: dancetheater.clma@gmail.com




Madison Clark is a dancer with alexx makes dances and has performed with Rhetoracle Dance Company along with other local groups. She has also choreographed and co-produced her own shows around Los Angeles and Long Beach. 



Sarah Leddy is a Laban Movement Analyst whose work draws upon ensemble dance and theater practices. Her dances have been presented at Pieter Performance Space, REDCAT Studio, and Pennington Dance Group’s Dance Dialogues. She currently teaches dance at Pasadena City College. 



Carol McDowell is a member of Encounter with Mariel Carranza and currently serves as the super at Pieter. She has performed in works by Kevin Williamson, Jmy James Kidd, Cid Pearlman, and Barbara Dilley to name a few. She also co-directed Crazy Space, co-founded max10 performance lab and the Mariposa Collective.



Daniel Miramontes is a bright, whimsical force in the young Los Angeles dance scene who dances with alexx makes dances and has performed in esteemed productions such as Leonard Bernstein’s MASS at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and Jay Carlon’s FLEX at Los Angeles Dance Project. 



alexx shilling creates site-adaptable, live and filmic dancescapes that invigorate memory and investigate transformation. She has performed most notably in works by Victoria Marks and Richard Rivera/PHYSUAL, co-founded Hi, Solo and MOTION CAPTURE along with Gold Series and recently became a certified Open Source Forms teacher.

Photo Credit: Taso Papadakis, Pictured: Madison Clark
Photo Credit: Taso Papadakis, Pictured: Daniel Miramontes
Photo Credit: Taso Papadakis, Pictured: Alexx Shilling
Photo Credit: Taso Papadakis, Pictured: Alexx Shilling and Sarah Leddy
Photo Credit: Taso Papadakis, Pictured: Carol McDowell