Gabriel Rivera: INTERLUDE
Saturday, Jan 29 2011
3:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Durational Performance Installation Opening

“For indeed, it is possible to attain a state of divine mansuetude that nothing dismays and nothing surprises, just as one in love might, after many years, arrive at a sublime tranquillity of the sentiments, sure of their force and durability, through constant experience of their pleasures and pains.”

Honoré de Balzac -The Wrong Side of Paris

Gabriel Rivera is a Brooklyn based artist who uses the moniker FAÇADE/FASAD to represent him and his work. He uses performance to investigate ritual and its role in contemporary culture. Typically collaborative, site specific and organic in their process, the performances reside in a liminal space where concepts of experience, perception, form, narrative and explanation meet. The re-contextualization of the performances into other mediums such as photography, video and drawings is a facet that explores representation and authorship, in effect rematerializing the “art object” through the medium of performance. Rivera’s most recent performance was at MoMA PS1 during the Greater New York exhibition presenting VAULT, the second installment of his performance trilogy.

Having studied fashion design at Pratt Institute – fashion, textiles and artisanal craft serve as subtexts in his work. Most recently Rivera utilized his background in design by creating costumes for choreographer Anna Sperber’s dance piece NAOMI and received recognition for them in The New York Times review of the performance. Rivera is also currently working with artisans in Oaxaca – Mexico developing hand woven naturally dyed rugs in conjunction with Linda Labelle’s not-for-profit organization Stories of Hope. Labelle who formerly was the costume designer for Matthew Barney’s Cremaster Cycle has collaborated with Rivera in his performance work as well as training him in the craft of natural dyes and weaving.

As an extension of his performance work and the desire to engage the public further, Rivera created the FAÇADE/FASAD space in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Serving as an alternative space for performative gatherings, it blurs the line between home, studio and venue. Recent events have included collaborations with iLand and The Movement Research. Artists previously featured at the events have included Leidy Churchman, Live Footage, Daphne Fitzpatrick, MGM Grand, K8 Hardy, Miho Hatori, Arnold J. Kemp, Ellen Lesperance, Tony Orrico, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Jacob Robichaux and Aki Sasamoto.

Gabriel Rivera was born and raised in the Salinas Valley of California and he is of Mexican descent.