Valerie McCann, devika vasanthi wickremesinghe and Raquel Bell
Saturday, Jun 10 2017
8:30 PM - 10:00 PM
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Val Devika and Raquel perform an offshoot of a ritual village scene (having escaped their original village) with movement and live sound and voice.
Valerie McCann
is a performing artist and embodied practitioner based in Los Angeles. She was part of the international ensemble Dynamika Metamorfozy with NetTheatre at the Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw, Poland. She recently collaborated with the artist Than Hussein Clark/Villa Design Group on performances at Studio Hrdinů in the National Gallery, Prague, MIT List Art Center, Boston, and his most recent project about to open at Art Basel 2017. In collaboration with the Director Samantha Shay/Source Material, Valerie assistant directed I Should Have a Party For All the Thoughts I Didn’t Say at the Old Church in Portland, OR, and A Thousand Tongues, the solo performance of Nini Julia Bang which premiered at the Theatre Olympics in Wroclaw last fall. Valerie collaborated with John Sinner as a performer and movement coordinator on his most recent play, An Invasion of Decency in downtown Los Angeles. Valerie trained and performed with members of the SITI company in New York and Los Angeles. She is a founding member of ARTEL. Valerie is also a yoga instructor in the Bishnu Charan Ghosh lineage and is a three time Ghosh Cup champion, having represented the UK and CA.
Valerie has been inspired and supported by Raquel since they first met at the now defunct College of Santa Fe in 1998. They both recently met Devika in Deborah Hay’s workshop Re-Choreographing Ourselves.
devika vasanthi wickremesinghe
is a Los Angeles expressive
Raquel Bell
performed in experimental opera and music in New York City for 12 years before moving to Texas in 2015. Raquel is the singer and midi-percussionist for punk-noise band Normal Love (NYC) and co-founder of MESIKO (NYC). She worked with Newband and the Harry Partch Institute on Harry Partch’s operas Oedipus and Delusion of the Fury, dancing and playing the role of “The Old Goat Woman” in the latter. She has performed at Dance Theatre Workshop, The New Museum, The Japan Society, Jazz Fest Montreal, Eclectic Electric Festival and at the NMASS, No IDEA and Fusebox festivals in Austin, TX. She is a New Music USA grant recipient. Raquel has two records coming out this year, one with experimental violist, Jessica Pavone, in a duo they call Dark Tips, as well as a solo record.
In January of 2017 Bell was selected to participate in choreographer Deborah Hay’s workshop titled Re-Choreographing Ourselves where she met Devika and Val.


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Image Credit: Raquel Bell