Daniel Han
Saturday, Oct 7 2017
11:30 AM - 3:00 PM
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Some call it instinct, listening to yourself, gut feeling. This practice is about tapping into something within, an energy that often lays dormant throughout our lives and in many cases even throughout the process of creation and performance.


What we are searching for is that primal energy, the symbiosis of body and mind where we are heightened to another state. When one opens that channel of energy, all the elements of balance, timing, breath, sensation, energy and tension flow together in perfect harmony.
Drawing on years of acting and physical theatre research, this will be an intensive introduction into a training approach for performance for actors, dancers, movers and live performers. Much of the practice is inspired and drawn from Polish physical theatre traditions, but I do not wish to label it as such. The human body and mind are so flexible and adaptable at discovering the approach of most convenience and ease, which is why we are creatures of habit. Rather, this approach is about drawing on whatever training and method is necessary for the task at hand, and then being free to break it and discover new approaches to adapt. The foundation of the work is built on individual and group exercises that serve to test the limits of human relationship through coordination, flow, connection, awareness, listening, sensitivity, timing, simplicity, and endurance. Through this work, we aim to rigorously open opportunities for you to play, risk and even fail. This is working from your guts!
This is a physical workshop, so please wear clothes appropriate for movement and be prepared to work barefoot. Bring water to stay hydrated. We will do a group warm-up together, but if you require additional personal warm-up, please arrive earlier to accommodate that.


Daniel Han is an actor and theatre-maker based in Los Angeles and Melbourne, Australia. He first trained in improvisation with the Second City (USA) and worked the stages of Chicago before relocating to Europe. From 2009-2014, he was based in Poland working with multi award-winning Song of the Goat Theatre and as a founding member of the Studio Matejka theatre laboratory. Daniel was awarded the Fulbright Grant for his research work with The Grotowski Institute in Poland, exploring movement and vocal research alongside Matej Matejka (Studio Matejka), Milan Kozanek (Artyci Dance) and Vivien Wood (DV8 Physical Theatre). Daniel’s area of interest is exploring the limits of human potential in the body, voice and mind and expressing them through story and image. He believes that the stage should be an arena of human exploration and adventure where we confront and experience danger, joy, love, and the good and evil within humankind. His performance practice draws from his extensive background in Polish avant-garde theatre, European physical theatre, martial arts and improvisation. Daniel has worked internationally in theatre, live art and film productions across the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. He is regularly invited to teach for universities, theatre companies and drama institutions, including the Victorian College of the Arts, Salford University, and St Lawrence University. Recent projects include the site-specific performance ‘The Dead Twin’ (FCAC / Theatre Works) and the contemporary opera ‘Ricercar’ (Present Tense Ensemble / Theatre Works).
Photo credit: Karol Jarek