Helplessness Makes Patients Hard to Please
Valerie McCann
Saturday, Jan 6 2018
8:30 PM - 10:00 PM
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Orestes does her physical therapy exercises.  Raquel Bell and Lauren Gurgiolo administer the meds.

Valerie McCann is a performing artist and embodied practitioner based in Los Angeles. As a member of the international ensemble Dynamika Metamorfozy with NetTheatre at the Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw, PL, Valerie began her inquiry into the journey of Orestes. With the artist Than Hussein Clark, she collaborated on performances at the National Gallery in Prague, CZ, MIT List Art Center, and Art Basel. In collaboration with the Samantha Shay/Source Material, Valerie assistant directed I Should Have a Party For All the Thoughts I Didn’t Say at the Old Church in Portland, OR, and A Thousand Tongues, which premiered at the 2016 Theatre Olympics in Wroclaw, PL. She has trained and performed with members of the SITI company in New York and Los Angeles and is a founding member of ARTEL. In 2017 she spent four weeks in residency with Deborah Hay in Austin, TX. Valerie is also a yoga instructor in the Bishnu Charan Ghosh lineage and is a three-time Ghosh Cup champion, having represented the UK and California in national and international competitions.


Raquel Bell performed in experimental opera and music in New York City for 11 years before moving to Texas in 2015. Currently she is the lead vocalist for Lauren Gurgiolo’s band, The Dialtones. She is the singer and midi-percussionist for punk-noise band Normal Love (NYC) and co-founder of MESIKO (NYC). She worked with Newband and the Harry Partch Institute on Harry Partch’s operas Oedipus and Delusion of the Fury, dancing and playing the role of “The Old Goat Woman” in the latter. She has performed at Dance Theatre Workshop, The New Museum, The Japan Society, Jazz Fest Montreal, Eclectic Electric Festival and at the NMASS and Fusebox festivals in Austin, TX. She composed and recorded music for multiple art installations in NYC and at other galleries across the country. Raquel has two records soon to be released; one with experimental violist, Jessica Pavone, and her own solo record with performances by Bob Hoffnar, Thor Harris, Jonathan Horne, and many other accomplished Austin musicians.
In 2017 Valerie McCann and Raquel Bell participated in an intensive dance workshop with Deborah Hay titled Re-Choreographing Ourselves.


Composer and guitarist Lauren Gurgiolo draws from a wide range of inspirations in her work, from field recordings to phenomenology, and creates environments that illuminate and shadow boundaries between perspectives, media, and audience/performer.Gurgiolo has directed/co-directed four inter-media interactive installations, and is currently working on her fifth, Silent City Part II. She has completed four corresponding albums with her project The Dialtones; The Dialtones, The Quality Or Condition, Calculated Carelessness, and Silent City.
Gurgiolo has worked with bands like Okkervil River (2008-2015) and The Octopus Project (2015 – present) but The Dialtones is her long standing side project in a new rockin’ configuration, including, Karla Manzur (Alejandro Escovedo) Lindsay Green (Elizabeth McQueen) Raquel Bell (Raquel Bell ) and Sam Chown (Zorch.)

Special Thanks:
Bryan Brown, Olya Petrakova, Than Hussein Clark, Davi Cohen, Patricia McCann, Devika Wickremesinghe, Alexx Shilling, Betsy Moore, Kym Priess, PAM Residencies, Pieter, Deborah Hay, Aaron Hettler, Mohammed Faraji

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Photo Credit: Gema Galiana
Photo Credit: Gema Galiana
Photo Credit: Gema Galiana