Herbs for Dreams: A Four-Part Series
Charmaine Bee
Saturday, Nov 28 2020
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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The intention of this workshop is to use the energy of collective space to reflect on how we relate to our dream world. Together we will ask questions such as: What does it mean to dream? Do we want to remember our dreams or are there parts of our dreams/ messages within them that we are ready to release?



In addition to dialogue this will be a space to learn herbs that support in dream work such as: damiana, lavender, rosemary, and chamomile.



This workshop came out of the WXPT (School for the Movement of the Technicolor People) project by dancer and choreographer taisha pagget. taisha created a space where questions of what does queer black and poc choreography look like, and rethinking what movement and a dance school looks like. Joy Anderson and I were brought together as company members within this space and developed a Spell casting/ un-casting + dream interpretation workshop where we addressed how modes of oppression impact our spell casting on ourselves and our ability to cast spells in the world. We looked at the ways in which Southern Black American Gullah and California and North American Indigenous lineages of magic making have been negatively stigmatized and how to realign with our power via movement, conversation and herbs.



Now more than ever is a moment to assess how the current world that we are living in impacts the worlds in which we dream and for us to reach into our dream worlds for guidance, comfort and release.



Through movement, gratitude practice, meditation and conversations about dream symbolism and how we perceive the dream world – the intention of the workshop is to create a space where accessing the dream world and releasing through the dream world feels safe, accessible, possible, and nourishing.




Charmaine Bee (they/them/she/her) received an MFA from CalArts. Through video, movement, sculpture, writing, sound and textile Charmaine explores ritual, movement through space and time;  as well as the beauty of our inner worlds and organs: how the complications in their functioning is a space where new worlds and expressions are created out of situations that portend to suppress life and voice. Memory and ancestral lineage pay a vital role in my herbalism work. My apothecary, Bee’s Well Apothecary focuses on herbal medicinal formulas that support people in – working within the dream realm through lucid dreaming and dream recall, accessing personal power and their voice through solar plexus and throat chakra support, easing anxiety and supporting a multi faceted approach to depression treatment.



Before working on Bee’s Well Apothecary, I started Gullah Girl Tea in 2009, born with the mission to create small batch healing tea blends that honored my Gullah Heritage. After starting Gullah Girl Tea I studied medicinal and spiritual herbalism in the Sacred Vibes Apothecary apprenticeship program. Over the last five years I have been facilitating workshops on spell casting and un-casting and the use of herbs in dream interpretation and lucid dream work. I have co facilitated spell casting and un-casting/ dream interpretation workshops with Joy Anderson in spaces such as Human Resources LA, LACE, The Main Museum and UCLA. I look forward to sharing in community with you.

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Self Portrait by Charmaine Bee
Photo credit Jordan Ruffin
Photo credit Jordan Ruffin