Hierarchy Study (Elementary) | Knees, Schools, Urges
Neha Choksi, Live work featuring Paola Escobar and kindergarten students from CalCreative Elementary School
Friday, Jun 3 2022
4:30 PM - 5:00 PM

This event is FREE. For the safety of those of us at higher risk, we require face masks at all our in-person programs.

“Hierarchy Study (Elementary)” is a new live work stemming from a 2018-2019 lived performance, “Elementary,” in which Neha Choksi attended a Los Angeles public elementary school as a kindergarten student.  The development of “Hierarchy Study” began this academic year with Neha’s return to kindergarten, this time as an artist-in-residence, to attend dance classes.  This live work dislodges child-adult interactions to allow the kindergartners agency and their bodies primacy in directing their dance teacher Paola Escobar’s movements. A related video and painting installation will be part of the exhibition at the Box following the performance. “Hierarchy Study” is one strand of the “Elementary” project that probes the process of enculturation.


Presented by Pieter and Armory Center for the Arts as part of the exhibition Knees, Schools, Urges, organized by Jennie MaryTai Liu, at Pieter, and how we are in time and space: Annotations, organized by Michael Ned Holte, at Armory Center for the Arts. For more information, please visit armoryarts.org


About the artist: Neha Choksi embraces a confluence of disciplines, including performance, video, installation, and sculpture.  Her most recent work-in-progress, Elementary, is a long-term, multi-format project that stems from a lived performance wherein she attended for an entire academic year (2018-2019) a Los Angeles public elementary school as a kindergarten student.  Choksi’s work has been widely exhibited, screened and performed in the United States, Asia, Australia, UK, and Europe. She lives and works in Los Angeles and Bombay, India.


Accessibility Note: The Box gallery is all on one level and has a rear entrance with a ramp. There are 2 small gender neutral single stall bathrooms on site. Please note that the bathrooms do not have a rail for transfer assistance and have limited space for larger mobility devices. Please contact the Box with any access needs and for more details:  info@theboxla.com 1(213) 625-1747


COVID protocol: As COVID safety negotiation continues to be part of our community choreography, Pieter will continue to strive to be transparent and clear about our practices, with the goal of always prioritizing the most vulnerable among us. All events will require masks and utilize our Button Buddies, which you can learn more about HERE.



About the exhibition: A collaboration between Pieter Performance Space and The Box, curated by Jennie MaryTai Liu and assistant curator Alana Frey, Knees, Schools, Urges is a performance program and exhibition which invites ten dancers / artists to grapple with documented and undocumented histories of early 20th century modern dance in the place now known as Los Angeles. An examination of the absence of archived history of dance and dancers in the region, and the undersung work that historically minoritized artists have done in the field, the project looks both forward and backward, approaching the timeframe of the exhibition as an opportunity to document and create an archive which acknowledges the value of short-term local history as an ongoing project for present and future generations. 

Neha Choksi Hierarchy Study score notations, 2021-2022 watercolor on paper various dimensions
Neha Choksi Hierarchy Study score notations, 2021-2022 watercolor on paper various dimensions