Hip Magic-Full Bodied Expression
Anise Hines
Saturday, Feb 27 2021
10:00 AM - 12:15 PM
$20 or pay what you can per session. No one turned away for lack of funds. Register

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We will be exploring one of the most oppressed & abused parts of the body: the hips. This area is where creative energy is generated and supported, yet is simultaneously deeply neglected across genders. 



This Workshop is a fuck u…

  • to internalized racial and patriarchal oppression that teaches us that moving hips are merely sexual and should be reserved for child rearing and the enjoyment of the male gaze only…
  • and to institutions and dance academia that delegitimize dance that centers the hips as an art form.


This Workshop is a welcoming of 

  • Varying body experiences – levels of physical ability 
  • Non hierarchy ways of knowing and learning
  • Varying cultural experiences and relating to this topic 


This is unlearning, this is a celebration, and all about liberation.



Saturday, February 27th Part I : Full Bodied Expression as Public Health 


  • Uncovering & sharing deeper meanings related to hip / pelvic area
  • Unlearning shameful taboos around moving our hips 
  • Implications for health and moving hips  – women’s health & digestion
  • Exercises to incorporate in daily routines


Saturday, March 6th Part II : Hip Magic


  • Celebrating Dance forms that center the hips  
  • Spell Casting / Intention setting using your body  
  • Creating rituals involving the hips 



Anise S. Hines Theus (she/her) loves to move. Move spirits, her body, & inspire freedom through moving. Her work centers establishing intimacy with oneself & amongst groups gathering. She choreographs for theater & film projects and weddings. Recent work includes leading Choreography for VMacbeth, a feature film by USC’s Senior Directing Class,  assisting Choreography for Tiny Theater Company’s Production of Romeo + Juliet. 


Anise finds joy in teaching movement in community settings and in private lessons. As a current collective resident at NAVEL she is building her project Dis-place: Home through workshops and media pieces. Displace: Home explores the way folks re-claim elements of their culture that have been erased through colonial displacement & the wisdom in re-finding home within.  Recent iterations of this work has existed in Remember [[ Home]] Workshop presented by Virtual care lab in collaboration with Marguerite Hemmings. Currently she is co-organizing/faviliating, with Naomi Mack, a workshop series entitled Full Bodied Expression as Public Health: A focus on Hip Magic. 


Anise believes in honoring the individuals and collective organizations that have shaped her as an artist. Such as Urban Bush Women SLI, Movement of the People Dance Company, Collective Movements, and countless others. 

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