Holographic Intuition: A Workshop Inquiring into the Nature of Gut, Impulse and Reaction
Sunday, Feb 1 2015
9:45 AM - 2:45 PM

Holographic Intuition:  A Workshop Inquiring into the Nature of   Gut, Impulse and Reaction

February 1, 9:45am – 2:45pm

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This workshop explores the role of intuition in one’s personal, professional and creative life.  Diana Rivera and Paula Perlman bring to you a dynamic and therapeutic workshop that will fuse an experimental arts-integrated experience, including movement, meditation, writing, art and engaging dialogue.  Participants will increase awareness over the ways intuition may (or may not) be guiding choices, decisions and possibilities by exploring gut, impulse and reaction.  Participants will leave with an increased internal dialogue around the role intuition plays in their life.

*Please note: We ask participants to wear comfortable clothing because we will be moving.  We will also be spending time sitting on the floor – pillows and mats are available only.  There is no elevator access, only a staircase.  Bring any writing materials and/or healthy snacks you would like.  Water and tea will be provided.  Please contact Diana Rivera in advance to discuss any needs.


Diana Rivera is a leading creativity coach, facilitator and specialist who uses creative practices, coaching models and contemporary research in psychology to create profound purpose and direction for her students and clients.  Diana develops innovative multi-week, arts integration programs for children, adolescents and teachers.  Diana has her MA in Psychology, specialization Creativity, and is presently seeking her PhD in psychology with an emphasis in creativity and clinical practices.  Her research interests include flow and blocks to creative process, the state of work-life balance for creative professionals, the process and function of imagination, the multiple dimensions of self in personality and their pertinence to mental health. www.creativeempowermentcoaching.com

Paula Perlman, BC-DMT, CLMA, LMFT, a Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist, Marriage and Family Therapist and certified Laban Movement Analyst, teaches creative dance with children in a private school and Inner-City Arts, works with seniors  and leads Creative Process and Authentic Movement retreats for adults. She is a faculty member at the Center for Movement Education and Research instructing in the graduate level Alternate Route Training for Dance/Movement Therapy,  is co-creator of a professional development program: ‘Access to Learning through Dance & Movement.’  Paula is continuing her studies in a body based psychotherapy program, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and is working toward a Masters of Science Degree in Creativity, Change and Leadership at Buffalo State University. Her extensive  background in community mental health in the 1980s and 1990s, present commitment to creative problem solving,  arts in education and ongoing training in dance, dance therapy and healing combine to make her a solid, compassionate person and leader.

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