House Dance 101
Emiko Sugiyama
Saturday, Oct 3 2020
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
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This workshop is for students to understand the foundation of House Dance.




The class goal is for the students to understand basic vocabularies of House dance and express themselves through House music. 




Emiko Sugiyama is originally from Tokyo, Japan, where she trained in classical ballet. She moved to the United States to study Physical Therapy at the University of California, Davis in 1999. Where she was introduced to Hip Hop dance, which became her communication tool because she was struggling to express herself in English. When she saw Rome and Jewels by Rennie Harris Puremovement in 2000 at UC Davis, despite her parent’s disagreement she changed her major to Dance. Emiko had moved to the United States by following her heart, and Dance became the center of her life.


Emiko has performed with numerous dance companies such as Illstyle and Peace Productions, Jelom Bel, One Step Ahead, Antics Performance, Montaz Performing Art Company, and Rennie Harris Puremovement. and in countless festivals all across the United States and internationally (Japan, Poland, Russia, England, France, Canada, and Liberia) . She has been invited to teach, compete and judge competitions all over the world as well. She was featured as the cover girl for We B*girls, a hardcover book by world renowned photojournalist Martha Cooper, documenting extraordinary women in Hip-Hop. Emiko also has extensive experience producing events, festivals and programs, including The Annual J.U.i.C.E Hip Hop Dance Festival at Ford Amphitheatre, the “Bgirl Challenge,” a ten week intensive breakdance training session geared toward boosting the confidence and skills of emerging female dancers and “Hip Hop Island” a youth summer camp to introduce at-risk youth to the positive artistic elements of hip hop culture. In 2012, Emiko received The Most Influential Female Hip Hop Contributor from the world famous dance crew LA Breakers and Community Leadership Appreciation Award by Lester Horton Award in 2016.


Through Emiko’s dance career, she has lived in various city in the U.S.A such as Davis, Sacramento, Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia. After she had experienced both the East and West coast, she decided to settle and married in Los Angeles in 2008. In 2009 Emiko and her friends founded Open House which is a weekly dance session where people share the love of House music and dance. Today, Open House has about 2,000 active community members in Los Angeles. Open House is Emiko’s family, and other members give big support while Emiko is taking care of her son who is four year old.


Emiko is not only a performer but also an educator, choreographer, producer, artistic director, community builder, and mother, and beyond. Emiko aspires to share not only her skills and abilities but her individuality and personality through dance, music, arts and Culture. 
Photo by Moncell Durden at USC workshop
Photo by Kyle Johnson