Saturday, Jan 12 2013
12:00 AM - 9:00 PM


I Love Painting is a one night group show featuring new work by seven Los Angeles based artists. These artists visualize their surroundings in new ways, give life to images from distant times and places, and question the possibilities of painting.

Theodora Allen’s recent paintings combine imagery from separate bohemian cultural movements that took place in California during the 20th century. The esoteric image pairings of singer-songwriters from the late 60’s Laurel Canyon music scene and singular objects from the California Arts and Crafts movement suggest a loosely woven historical narrative through information masked in shadow.


Abel Baker Gutierrez’s new paintings are sourced from black and white photographs that depict youth from the German Democratic Republic. Painted on a small scale, these compelling and unsettling portraits use color and brushstroke to raise questions about idealization and nostalgia.


Julia Dzwonkoski and Kye Potter make paintings that emphasize pattern and color relationships and use multiple competing perspectives and simplified geometry to describe the interior of their house.


Janet Jenkins’s new work uses multiple layers of paint to record fleeting patterns of light and shadow outside her studio and home. The paintings are transformed through vibrant color relationships into abstract fields that hint at an underlying sense of space.


Jesse Mockrin’s recent paintings draw from contemporary images of Korean pop stars and historical paintings of androgynous adolescents. She combines traditional painting techniques with experiments in color and composition to create portraits that feel simultaneously familiar and strange.


Tran Truong’s work is a back and forth play with reality and illusion. The ordinary is presented in a manner both suggestive and questioning, in an attempt to slow down the viewer’s perception.


Image: Janet Jenkins