In plain sight – new work by Ally Voye and Carmela Hermann, Directed by Christine Suarez
Monday, Jan 26 2015
8:30 PM - 10:30 PM

Ally Voye and Carmela Hermann share three sections of an in-development work entitled In Plain Sight. The piece is a series of choreographic portraits of 5 real-life people, each of whom grapple with a compulsive behavior. The work offers a window into wrestling with humanness using humor, candor and lots of donuts.  The dances expose what is invisible even when people are “in plain sight.” The evening includes three of the five portraits: “In Plain Sight”, “ON THE (COLOR) SPECTRUM” and the film “orange thursday”. Direction by Christine Suarez.

Choreography: Ally Voye and Carmela Hermann

Text: Ally Voye and Carmela Hermann
(Original Transcribed Text from Interviews with Leah Rothman and Ally Voye)
Performers: Ally Voye, Carmela Hermann, Leah Rothman, Bill Ratner
Music: Tom Moose
Direction: Christine Suarez

Admission is a non-monetary donation of your most loved or most disappointing self-help book (spiritual books, books on addiction, psychologically savvy books). All books donated will somehow be woven into our performance. OR bring a donation to the FREE Bar or FREE boutique.  Suggested items include wine and beer to share, potato chips, coffee.

please park on the street.