INHABITANTS \ A Physical Theatre Activation Lab
Emily Meister
Saturday, Jan 6 2018
11:30 AM - 3:00 PM
$25 Register
This physical theatre based workshop is inspired by the art of discovery and experimentation through physical action. Open to all curious movers, actors, and performing arts practitioners; seeking those who have a desire to move, act, try, listen, investigate, play and make.
This laboratory environment is a safe space to explore, enjoy, and challenge one another and ourselves – in being, in self, in space and in process towards physical artistic expression. Participants will be guided through movement exercises, structured improvisation and creative tasks. We will delve into methods of creative expansion through physical techniques, by exploring simple to complex textural frameworks. We will attempt to abandon preconceived thoughts and habitual patterns to uncover our instinctual impulses through mental and physical action into creation. In turn, initiating new structures to build on ones solo movement practice, partnering and group work.

Please wear comfortable clothing for moving and sweating, bring an object of your choosing to integrate into the work we create, a journal for notating thoughts, and please be sure to bring plenty of water. Thank you!

Emily Meister is a Los Angeles based multi-media dance theatre artist, creator, choreographer, performer, director, and producer, who has years of experience devising theatrical, site-specific and interactive works, both intimate and large scale. She has created and presented numerous solo, group and cinematic pieces of her own choreography and movement direction in Los Angeles, nationally and abroad. Emily is a Reiki Energy and Sound Healing Practitioner, and is the founder and Artistic Director of Wonder House, an experiential artist collective, and hub for her live works and cinematic creations. She is the Director of The Artists’ Lab at AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts in Hollywood, CA., which supports students in the development of their own voices and work as creators, writers, directors, choreographers, filmmakers and producers. A graduate from Connecticut College with a BA in Dance Theatre Performance and Choreography, she has had the pleasure of working with The Private Theatre of NYC, Galiana + Nikolchev’s The Useless Room, Annie Saunders/Wilderness, HomeLA, Fire Trial Films, Meredith Monk, Jeremy Nelson Dance, Roya Carreras, Jay Carlon, Riactor, Robin Bisio, Nugent Dance, Catherine Bennett, Santa Barbara Summer Dance, and Motion Theater Dance Company. She is a life adventurer, a storyteller and a seeker. Her passion lies in connecting with people, creating worlds, collaborating with artists, and making site-responsive work and movement film stories. It is in her nature to explore and collect. Her movement aesthetic originates from a sensory-based exploratory process, and listening/reacting to an environment and others. She is grounded in a place of wonder and discovery, and is in a constant state of exploration of various ways of being, both mentally and physically. A steward of the physical arts and healing arts, she dives deep into investigation, and integrates these elements into her process and artistic practice.

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Photo Credit: Gema Galiana
Photo Credit: Catherine Bennett
Photo Credit: La Mujer Tranvía, Pictured: Emily Meister in The Useless Room's Summer Intensive