IPATH Restore – Integral Postural Alignment Technique (End Back & Body Pain)
Vanessa Garcia
Saturday, Sep 18 2021
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
$5-$20 sliding scale via Venmo or PayPal. No one turned away for lack of funds. This sliding scale makes it possible for our community to redistribute according to need. $20: Resourced and Aware $15: Middle of the Road $5-10: Community Rate Larger donations are welcomed. Register

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Rethink and end back, shoulder, body pain. IPATH® is a unique sequence of five transformative restorative poses, practiced while resting on a mat that allows the body to first release superficial soft tissues throughout the whole body. The body is placed on blocks that support essential skeletal points that work with gravity. This revolutionary ‘hands-off” method allows the superficial fascia (soft tissues), that are stuck to organically release layer after layer.  The effect of how our neurological system feeds the mind with information that aids in releasing stress using natural breathwork that over time changes the negative patterns set within the body. Stillness and tranquility are essential to The IPATH®  Method, as each practitioner begins a journey of awareness and observation, in order to continue manipulating and releasing the body as a whole.


IPATH® doesn’t treat symptoms, it goes to the root of the reasons for misalignment. The accumulation of habit patterns may cause the body to be in such misalignment that slouching or overcompensated movements may feel “comfortable”. With the IPATH® sequence,  the body realigns into its natural shape creating space passively through gravity, breathwork, and relaxation. The sequence allows deep muscle memory to revert back to natural habit patterns which free joints. After IPATH®, your body should start feeling “comfortable” because of eliminated layers of stress and its most healthy alignment – eliminating pain, distributing weight appropriately, and reducing tension on the spine and joints. 


IPATH® is popular because of how good it feels to “let go” of tension. Once layers of the muscles and connective tissues have eased and lengthened, we work on spine lengthening and traction-allowing the body more space that further removes tension.



What to expect: you will need 2 blocks for this workshop. Breath technique accompanied with IPATH…a sequence of 5 transformative restorative poses, practiced while resting on a mat that allows the body to first release superficial tissues through out the entire body. The body is resting on blocks that support essential skeletal points that work with gravity.



Vanessa Garcia, the owner and founder of We One Wellness is a native Angeleno. She was born in East Los Angeles, and is a certified ERYT International Yoga & Meditation teacher, specializing in breath work. She has been training/coaching for over 20 years, teaching yoga 12+ years and has additional certifications in accessible yoga, yin/meridian health, TRX, etc. Vanessa received her BA in performing arts in dance and is currently the United States Western Master Teacher Trainer in IPATH (Integral Postural Alignment Techniques), which, helps with pain management, MFR (myofascial release) and skeletal and joint alignment.


She is currently getting clinical certified in Aroma Therapy with the New York Aroma Therapy Institute.  She also teaches IPATH Pilates, Chair Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation, and Breath Technique classes. She believes in the power of mind-body connection through mindfulness. Self care is powerful and she brings the art of pausing, mindful living, and rest into the space. Vanessa aims to make these practice accessible to everyone and anyone regardless of any demographic. Especially to people of color and those that have been marginalized.  Her heart is to guide our community to the practice of self awareness, alignment, and restoration even in the chaos. She helps guide others back to their true self. 


photo by @artsbysosa