It looked like Something, but it was really Nothing- the exploded Star guiding us is a Ghost at best, but a Beacon is a Beacon all the same. So while it could prove Nothing, I would like to believe it was truly Something.
Gregory Barnett
Saturday, Dec 14 2019
8:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Non-monetary donation to the FREE bar or FREE boutique Register

Sex workers will perform this. Art goers as an audience, will watch. They will search for an overlapped experience to forgive their debt. Critique will become a monster that conflates lived experience with analytical theorizing. 




The viewers want to feel like since they’ve maybe been sexy for money they’ve sold sex. Nope. Not the same. Not even close. Suck a dick with a set price point or stop doing that thigh wobble thing in your dances. In our performances we have undersold our existence as a necessity. Physical boundaries, or our phone bills paid? Genuine questions. 



You can now sit on our sidelines for free (non monetary donation.) Or pay for our trade secrets. BRING CASH if you’d like any of them. For once, we’re not giving this away for free, fucking buy our cow already. Your dollars will merit our showing. The Whores have returned to the Temple. Full Manger status- THE ONLY NATIVITY YOU’LL NEED. (a pay for play tantric petting zoo inspired by advent calendars and a redefined initial cumming of Christ/Salvation/Investment.)




*all interactions performed will remain within legal constituents of California law



**there will be a lot of nudity



***tipsters not hipsters: audience members who do not wish to pay for interactions will be asked to limit their visit to 15 minutes





Gregory Barnett makes dances, altars, imagery, and stories believing he is better for it. His work attempts to locate junctures between lineage (memory) and prayer (desire) in an effort to maximize will’s potential (with mixed success.) In lieu of pursuing a sociology degree, Gregory became a prostitute and children’s gymnastics instructor. He has shown work in Los Angeles and other cities since 2004.

Image by Gregory Barnett
Photo courtesy of Gregory Barnett