Jil Stein + Alexa Weir: TIMEPIECE |TIMEPLACE
Monday, Feb 2 2015
8:30 PM - 10:30 PM
Jil Stein + Alexa Weir: TIMEPIECE |TIMEPLACE 
Monday February 2, 8:30 pm Alexa Weir: 1978assume to be true:
there is no new movement
we all know all movement
we are in all times at once

Inspired by Borges short story, this an attempt to authentically recreate Trisha Brown’s 1978 piece ‘Watermotor’. Through deliberate movement the body becomes a portal as it finds and eventually enters the space Trisha Brown entered when she created her seminal work. The ideal goal of this process would be to replicate the exact choreography through channeling movement from the ether. However, the artist will take what she can get.

OCEAN DRONE is a process based work that is the most current embodiment of her research.

the process of being
is revealed by showing the self 
to the self
and to others

JIL appreciates your participation as witness.

JIL STEIN’s work stems from an interest in how one personally connects to a body that is engaged in a moved experience. The interconnection between the space and body are always fundamental to her investigations. This has led her to understand art as an expression that is from the body and not particular to art as form.


Pieter Performance Images by Dana Penenberg