Jmy’s Gonna Dance
Jmy James Kidd
Saturday, May 27 2017
5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Admission is your non-monetary donation: suggestions include packing blankets, wine, bubble water, color printer paper we will also be accepting donations to the floor fund: cash, check, card, paypal, venmo. thank you. Register
Jmy’s gonna dance
to selected sections from Julius Eastman’s Unjust Malaise
ok to come and go when you like
ok to lay down and rest or stretch during performance, make tea, drink wine
thank you to Lena Kassof for title and effie bowen for intro to Julius Eastman.
On being an Expressive:
It is dancing that gets me there. I don’t know where there is or if it is a different place every time. I don’t always get there. I need somewhere to go. I need other people. I need to be able to go somewhere that is not a place place.
“Jmy’s gonna dance” is a blessing to the studio transformation happening this July. A tribute for the last 7 plus years of moving and being in this space, dancing with myself, so many other people, performing, crying, napping, practicing everything. I will miss rubbing on the beautiful floor tho I will know it is there under the new floor.
I dance to flower. I dance to move my pelvis. Moving my pelvis feels good, sexual, powerful, taboo and part of human tradition. Dancing for me is a divine act.
Affirmation Signs Validation Responsiveness
For What For Who For WHEN HOW WHY
CORRUPTION Morals People Connection
Potential destruction
Used Well in exchange together
Invasion Filtration
network grid
articulation expression disparity
exercises practice
composition construction reflection
diversification of thinking being
darkness goodness curves non linearity
strength support knees legs feet
brain face head skull
head a limb
molten core