Journey, Dream, Flower
Roxanne Steinberg
Wednesday, Sep 16 2020
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
$12-$30 sliding scale, via venmo or paypal. all proceeds will be donated to Pieter to help us weather a challenging time Register

Bookings are closed for this event.

Journey – from our daily routines we venture – an excursion, a setting out to unknown territory. At once it could be a passage to the future and a portal to the past. We make this time to be present, fully alive and aware, in the moment, of the moment and the space around us. We bring ourselves in our fullest capacity and vulnerability to the past, to the future to the unknown. How will you travel unsteady ground? How do your feet manage the terrain? find the road? climb the mountain? Navigate the waters… where will you find a boat? What are your resources? Which senses come into play? Where is your sense of direction located?




Dream – On our journey, we become wholly engaged in another world. We are at once surprised and knowing. Intricate embroidered information is our story. We pinch ourselves, we check the depth of our emotions. We are everything in one moment.




Flower- We arrive at something new. It was there but not yet seen, not complete. The tiny seeds, the roots, the colors, the soft glistening tissues all in place – perfect magnificence, the flower surprises us. A flower shows its beauty when it blooms and its novelty when its petals scatter –it becomes gnarly and wild, in the wind. The body opens, catches the wind.




Roxanne Steinberg dances to transcend familiar vocabularies and bring about a heightened sense of perception, connectivity and flow of primordial associations. A graduate of Bennington College, she has been leading Body Weather Laboratory, a format for training developed in Japan, since 1988. She has performed worldwide as a soloist and with her partner Oguri, sister Morleigh Steinberg, and composers and musicians Yas-Kaz, Paul Chavez, Kenta Nagai, Tatsuya Nakatani, Leon Mobley, Myra Melford, Alex Cline, Pheeroan Aklaff, Motoko Honda, Will Salmon. Other collaborators include dancers Min Tanaka and Amagatsu of Sankai Juku, and artists Hirokazu Kosaka, Carole Kim and Bill Viola. Roxanne has taught at UCLA, Cal Arts, Cal State Los Angeles, Sci Arc, Pomona College, and Harvard Westlake, among others. She has been engaged in Lauren Bon’s art practice and the Metabolic Studio in Los Angeles since 2005.  She produces and co-directs Flower of the Season dance series at the Electric Lodge in Venice where she has been artist-in-residence and co-leading training with Oguri since 1997. She is a 2020 recipient of the Department of Cultural Affairs City of Los Angeles (COLA) individual Artist Fellowship.



Photo by Oguri from OPENWORK, choreographed by Roxanne Steinberg for the DCA