July Holiday Artist in Residence: Myrrhia Rodriguez
Saturday, Jul 2 2016
8:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Myrrhia Rodriguez //  is a queer, feminist, dancer person in process, developing, practicing, asking questions, and uncovering meaning with movement. She’s discovering what it means to have a sustainable daily practice in the disjointed, commuter city of Los Angeles. Her favorite mantras are “just get moving” and “get what you need,” and that’s exactly how she approaches her work. Myrrhia recently showed versions of her latest piece Now You See Me? at Pieter and Redcat, and is developing another iteration for a fall showing at Highways. You can follow Myrrhia on instagram and twitter at @dance_a_diem.
Photo Credit:  Unsink, by artist. Presented at Pieter, 2015. Photo by Lisa Wahlander ©.