July holiday Artist in Residence: Saya
Saturday, Jul 2 2016
8:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Hi, im Saya. I’m a multimedia artist whose artistic journey began and is rooted in dance and music. I grew up dancing on the street in Miami and luckily was immersed in a vivid array of cultural dances from a young ages. Aside from the hip hop and Latin dances that I learned, I began to train in Egyptian bellydance from the age of 12 and later went on to work as a belly dancer in Egypt for a brief period. Traditional dances and the evolution of dance and music had always fascinated me so I studied it at the university of Hawaii before moving to New York. I’ve since lived in 8 countries and a number of cities trying to absorb culture and inspiration from local communities and teaching children. My goal is to find the purity of expression without any limitation of society, judgement, or the concept of art as a commercial industry. Dance is my oxygen and my release of my message and secrets to the music through my body. I hope that at some point I can inspire others to reach their own liberation through movement.