Laughing Dragon Qi Gong
Crow and Clara Andre
Saturday, Aug 19 2017
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
$20-30 sliding scale Register
Regular practice of qi gong strengthens our foundations of physical vitality, emotional stability, and mental clarity enabling us to flow around obstacles with ease and grace. It enhances creativity, engages curiosity, and enables us to delight in the many gifts of the universe. Qi Gong can support our journey of realizing and actualizing the lives we desire through a process of profound personal transformation.
In this class, we will guide you towards accessing a direct experience of your qi (life force). We begin by organizing the body and exploring how optimal alignment relates to the flow of qi. We will then incorporate qi gong exercises based on the principles of yin and yang to encourage circulation of the qi and allow our intrinsic strength to express. Using this cultivated sense of qi, we will then explore spontaneous movement and meditation.

All abilities are welcome, the entire class can be done while sitting or lying down if needed. Come ready to move and be transformed. We are excited to share this practice with you!

Qi gong is a practice with ancient roots and has taken on many forms. The Laughing Dragon practice has been developed by Master Chris Fernie. He has expertly woven his studies of martial arts (Taekwondo black belt), Feldenkrais Method, Hua Gong (transformation practice), and Taijiwuqigong (self-healing through spontaneous movement) into a form of qi gong that is accessible, powerful, and deeply enjoyable.


Crow and Clara are both movers and meditators who have been involved in the somatic, movement, and metaphysical arts since early childhood. Both have been given teaching permission from Master Chris Fernie of the Institute for Internal Transformation and teach regular classes in Ojai, CA, where they live in a tiny house in the mountains, dancing, making music, and distilling medicinal plants.
Photo credit: Clara Andre
Photo credit: Thailan When