Libido Power Studio, Session 1 // Naked Voice: Bodily Power and Provocation in Performance
Saturday, Jan 7 2017
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Saturday, January 7

11am – 7pm

Email with “LPS” as the subject line to RSVP

Libido Power Studio (LPS): Winter Workshops with Doran George

Workshop 1: Naked Voice: Bodily Power and Provocation in Performance

The first of three workshops in LPS (a series at the interface of sex-positive culture and Live Arts), Naked Voice explores how we make decisions about concealing and revealing different parts of our bodies in our performing. As with the other LPS workshops, Naked Voice combines Somatic training with sex-positivism, performance art techniques, and dance improvisation. This is a rare opportunity to take possession of your history of decision making about whether or not you expose yours or your dancers flesh in performance. Choreographers and performance artists often think about costumes, but the reasoning behind what body-parts get exposed, and the decision to clothe your dancers rather than perform naked, are rarely considered in any depth. On the other hand, for artists who use nudity in their work, because there is so little training or discussion pertaining to the issue, conceptual logic or provocation often overrides consideration of the personal ramifications of such exposure.

To build safety, Naked Voice draws from sex positive culture’s focus on mutual and self-care, and on its foregrounding of personal desire, which enables you to explore choices about what to conceal and reveal as a way to empower yourself or your performers, in your work. The workshop is clothing optional, so there is no requirement to remove a single item of clothing; you may find you want to cover yourself more than in past work. Yet you will have the opportunity to explore self-exposure for the first time if that’s right for you, and, if you are seasoned at performing naked, you will have the opportunity to think and feel through the artistic and personal topography of self-exposure; in short, there will be opportunities to get naked and dance! Through our relationship to clothing (or covering) and lack thereof, we will manifest artistic desire; charge our dancing with energy, and sharpen conceptual investigation in our work.


1 Workshop $60.

2 Workshops $100. (if prepaid.)

3 Workshops $120. (if prepaid.)

The other workshops in the series are on February 4th, Breathing Flesh: Regulating and Channeling Erotic Energy, in which we will cultivate distinct erotically charged bodily performance through the breath. And on March 11th Sensational Flesh: Raising and Riding Erotic Charge, in which we will use recuperate eroticism as a key to kinesthetic awareness in performance. You are welcome to join any one or two of the workshops, as well as take all three.

As part of Libido Studio, Doran will stage Unspoken, a new durational one-on-one performance: Sensing exchange, through looks, gestures, and physical listening, audience members will be invited to negotiate short packets of intimate time with Doran in a small blanket castle. More information HERE.

Photo credits: Barry Shils documenting Doran George in Becoming (from Becoming a subject of the old masters, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, 2003)Moving (from Still, Goldstreet Loft, New York, 2005), Reface (from Boy Cry, Crazy Space @ 18th Street Art Center, Santa Monica 2004), and Coventry (from the performance Stalemate Herbert Gallery, Coventry, UK, 2009)

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