Libido Power Studio, Session 3 // Sensational Flesh: Raising and Riding Erotic Charge
Doran George
Saturday, Mar 11 2017
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
$60. There are reductions if you have attended a prior workshop in the series, please contact Doran for details. Register

The final Libido Power Studio (LPS) workshop, ‘Sensational Flesh’ combines sex positivism, Somatics, performance art and dance improvisation to explore the creative use of erotic energy. Dance practices that rely on sensory awareness invariably ignore sexual sensation, as do related physical training approaches aimed at enhancing bodily consciousness. Furthermore, the pleasure or discomfort of touch is usually thought of as an incidental byproduct of bodywork and tactile facilitation. This results in little or no communication between dancers, body-workers, and clients, about the role of desire, intention, and consent, in tactile exchange. In this workshop, we will invite back into dancing, performing, physical training, and bodywork, those elements that normally get left out. While broadening creative possibilities for artists, ‘Sensational Flesh’ will open new avenues of physical and sexual pleasure for everyone’s personal life by drawing on knowledge from dance, bodywork and performance.


To create safety, we will strengthen our choice making about when we want to engage the erotic and when not by developing physical awareness of different kinds of sensation. We will also learn to track our desire and level of arousal, gaining greater consciousness of our intent and strengthening our ability to consent, set boundaries, and be sensitive to others, both verbally and non-verbally. These skills are valuable in solo and in relational physical practices, both on the stage and in the bedroom. Tantric practitioners believe erotic energy is a resource for creative and personal development, while Somatics claims to offer exceptional, experiential, bodily understanding. Combining these approaches, we will gain new tools for accessing, raising, experiencing, and regulating erotic energy, such as channeling it through the body. By embracing the erotic, ‘Sensational Flesh’ broadens artistic and personal potential. In this workshop space is made for nudity and engaging the erotic, including mutual erotic touch, but these dimensions of the work are not required; with support you will set your own boundaries. Doran enjoys talking about the work, so if you have questions, concerns, or hesitations, please get in touch.

Email with “LPS” as the subject line to RSVP

As part of ‘Sensational Flesh,’ Meg Foley will join Doran for a public conversation on ‘Radical Intimacy,’ to be moderated by Asher Hartman. Also, as part of the LPS series, on Sunday March 12th Doran is staging the final of three durational one-on-one performances Unspoken. In a small blanket castle audience members are invited to negotiate short packets of intimate time with Doran, sensing exchange through looks, gestures, and physical listening. See Pieter’s website for details of these related events.

Photo Credit: Gill Addison
Photo Credit: Taina Kontio