Lorene Bouboushian Solo Improvisation **AT THE HAMMER MUSEUM**
Friday, Jul 25 2014
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

*** This event is NOT AT PIETER!! It will happen on James Kidd’s Gold Stage at the Hammer**

Lorene Bouboushian Solo Improvisation
no photography allowed

I will be performing an informal solo improvisation on Friday, July 25 from 1-2pm on the Gold Stage entitled “Oblivion, or an In-n-Out Burger.”

I make performances that integrate/disintegrate voice and movement, mind and body, purity and absurdity. By improvising for an hour, I will use the Gold Stage to explore the mindbodyselfobjectsubject-thing I am, in a public place, which invites a sense of danger and confusion.As an improvisational performer, I always notice that schismatic moment when I am about to perform, and suddenly everything I’ve ever learned about my body flies out the window and I’m laid bare, vulnerable, and my whole visceral, self-conscious self. I have to negotiate my presence with the audience through minding that schism between body and self, making it a new world to play in so I have more possibilities. This involves questioning my tendencies and motives, my sincerity, how I see and let myself be seen. This interests me because dancing does and doesn’t and because I can’t pull away from dancing.

If you run fast I guess you can make it to Nick Duran’s Friday class after this. Or I hope you can. Is everything an hour away from each other in LA like it is in New York?

More at: www.lorenebouboushian.com (email to request passwords for videos)

photo by Ian Douglas