LuVpEaCeNsOuL MoVeMeNt Presents: Mind Your Movement
Kassy Akasi Elizabeth Mortiga Awogny Francis Mora
Wednesday, Aug 4 2021
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
$10-$25 sliding scale suggested donation via Venmo or PayPal. No one turned away for lack of funds. Please contact Kassy at with any payment concerns and we will collaboratively come up with a budgeting strategy together <3 Register

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This will be a class focused on mind, health, wellness and restorative/rejuvenation of energy. We as a community will connect with the ever present forces of nature that surround us, embody the individual and connected energies we have within us, and learn to Breathe and be as we are for the greater good of ourselves, our families, our communities, and for humanity of this world. All of this, to music selected and intricately curated to balance the centered theme of each class.


Kassy shares her yoga & meditation practice while also incorporating experience with  freestyle dance, Music, and choreographed movement as a way to collaboratively introduce the holistic healing practices she honors and utilizes in life. The approach is centered around the ability to consider students of various backgrounds and communications by including auditory, visual, and kinesthetic methods of learning that highlight cultural aesthetic into this special and communal space. It offers the experience of various cultures and utilizes ancestral tools of movement, language, and grounded connection To guide the flows that will occur within class together. 


What to expect: Meditation, yoga flow, Free style movement practice, Hip hop grooves, modern contemporary movement, discussions on self, society, and freedom , self-reflective journaling , choreography , and song (call &and response included)


My mind, My body, My soul, all flow – aligned & intertwined within my name – I am Kassy Akasi Elizabeth Mortiga Awogny Francis Mora – a Black American woman of the world and a Spiritual Alchemist leading in love. I am a change-maker, a connector, a guide, empowering colorful communities to explore life through liberating movement & mindfulness, in pursuit of intuitively freestyling and weaving their own powerful stories of holistic healing  – as they shift spaces, transform energy & create peace – unifying within, as without. 


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Photo by Raymond Mora.