Maggie Bennett & Chris Cogburn
Friday, Aug 5 2011
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM

During their nine-day Residency at Pieter, Maggie Bennett (dancer, choreographer, New York City) and Chris Cogburn (musician, curator, Austin TX) will develop a work entitled Individual Artistic Practice As Curatorial Conversation. Bennett and Cogburn will utilize their current working practices to engage in collaborative research around the faculties of perception employed and altered by different mediums (dance, music) to extend that attention into a curatorial platform.

As improvisers, both of their artistic practices address the emergence, existence and disappearance of form through time. They will utilize the total nine-day time frame at Pieter, in the studio and outside, to experiment with design and construction of time by exploring how the rate and duration of activity, the quality of activity, and the rate of stimulus introduction and departure affects their perceptual fields.

The showing on Friday, August 5th will be a continuation of their research activities in a format designed for audience engagement. The showing is an opportunity to challenge and extend the notion and use of collaboration between the two forms, working towards a model for curating an evening of dance and music for No Idea Festival 2012.