Maya Gingery: Body Without Organs
Sunday, Oct 10 2010
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Conceived, Directed and Performed by Maya Gingery
with the collaboration of
Visual and Performance Artist Brian Getnick
and featuring
Archie Carey

Body Without Organs

An Anti-Dance or Another Kind of Homage to Dead Heroes
Concieved, Directed and Performed by Maya Gingery
with the collaboration of Visual and Performance Artist Brian Getnick
and featuring Archie Carey on Bassoon, Shakuhachi and Electronic Interfaces

Body Without Organs is inspired by the writings of French philosopher Gilles Deleuze and the psychoanalyst/political activist Felix Guattari, who borrowed the term from the artist/writer/theorist Antonin Artaud.  Deluze/Guattari concieve of Body without Organs as the virtual body, the collection of all potentials, the entirety of all sets of flows. The Earth, they say, is a Body without Organs. By virtue of its nature, BwO cannot be fully understood by explanation or semiotic analysis, but can be attained only through a set of practices. This dance/theatre work gives form to this idea. The consequences are guaranteed.


In an indeterminate place and time, a woman (The Body) enters a room, where she encounters herself (The Shadow). A very physical and psychological game of cat and mouse ensues. Their relationship is neither transcendent, nor profound, yet they are changed in their “becoming”. Slowly they become aware that the nature of their encounter has created a third presence, Le Machine.

Maya Gingery is currently an LA-based artist in many dimensions, including movement, sound and theatre. Her mainly solo works have been witnessed in the US and Japan and are informed by her studies of the Asian performing arts, in particular noh theatre and the avant-garde movement art known as butoh. She does not discount the influence of Western performance practice, but is interested in new paradigms for the presentation and appreciation of the 21st century artist. She has been featured in several nationally and internationally showcased dance films and will soon be working on her own dance for camera. She is a member of Theater Nohgaku, a touring theater company that performs both classical and experimental Japanese noh plays in English. By day she advocates for the importance of the arts through her work as an arts educator and participant in the public dialogue on arts education.

Brian Getnick is a Los Angeles based artist and the director of THE BALLET, a performance troupe of hand made costumes. These costumes, with their sculptural details, are the primary text for his performances. Through collaboration with dancers, actors, musicians and other artists he explores how materials can translate subconscious desires from creator to performer. Currently he is creating a series of satirical works parodying the dialectic between the intellect and subconscious. He is also co-directing with Noe Kidder the forthcoming movie “Holy Blood”.

Archie Carey is a multi-instrumental performer-composer/sound artist.  He is a classically trained Bassoonist with an extensive repertoire of many styles. Archie is currently finishing up his Masters in performance and composition at CalArts.