Maya Gingery: OK I Forgot my Password
Monday, Dec 12 2011
9:00 PM - 11:30 PM

OK I Forgot My Password

A work-in-progress by Maya Gingery (aka Maya Maverik), is a stream of consciousness essay resulting in a choreographic weaving on war, vulnerability, Art, lace-making, Amy Winehouse and some other possibly beautiful and unintentionally provocative gestures.

Maya Gingery makes dances, text and music for dance. Her work investigates the parameters of space and time and the meaningfulness of movement with both external and internal analysis of potential strategies. With a terminal MFA from CalArts, she has performed nationally and internationally and her work has been seen locally at LA venues such as Highways, Anatomy Riot, The Museum of Natural History, Union Station, Electric Lodge, and PieterPASD. She is a musician, a dancer, a teacher and performer of butoh and Japanese noh theatre and a member of Theatre Nohgaku, a touring company that brings noh to Western audiences. She has practiced hatha yoga for over 30 years and resonates wildly with BMC.

You can find her on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Foursquare and at