Mojo Technique, curated by Stacy Dawson Stearns
Monday, Jan 15 2018
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
$15-20 sliding scale OR 12 for $120 and 6 for $70 class packs (see description for more details) Register
MMC Spring 2018 : Mojo Technique
Stacy Dawson Stearns curates this season of mojo training for Monday Morning Class at Pieter. These classes are offered with the intention of deepening and complicating the dance, movement, and artistic practices of the participants. Los Angeles takes things to a different level and dance is never just dance. Poetry is never just poetry. Pipes are never pipes. Induce your bodymind to go to the MOJO and get thee to class!
Classes are $15-20 sliding scale, OR you can take advantage of our 12 class pack for $120 and 6 class pack for $70 by paypaling (friends&family) and writing “MMCmojo2018 12 pack or MMCmojo2018 6 pack” in the comment line. Class packs only apply to MMC Mojo Technique classes.
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Jan 15 and 22 // Carol McDowell // NOETIC MOVEMENT
noesis: insight, revelation, intuition, inner wisdom
Week 1: Juicy Systems and Structures
Week 2: Evoking Poetic Agency


NOETIC MOVEMENT Week 1: Juicy Systems and Structures
This class examines the intersections of noetic and somatic knowledge in the body mind. What internal systems and external structures cultivate and invite the presence of intuitive knowledge in our dancing bodies? How can we practice mindfulness-in- action as we attend to inner worlds and connections with others? We will engage in these questions to access noetic movements and incorporate them into improvisation as well as composition.
Beginning with a slow BMC-based warm-up focused on awakening the juicy systems of the body, we will play with mindful presence, dancing alone and together in a selection of improvisational structures from Barbara Dilley’s moving body of work: Eye Practices, Grid, and Contemplative Dance Practice.



NOETIC MOVEMENT Week 2: Evoking Poetic Agency
I believe poetic agency is urgent food for the soul. How do we invoke awareness with active curiosity? What processes support the ability to, observe, investigate and report our state of being? Noetic Movement nurtures the ability to evoke, construct and assemble unique, precise actions and gestures necessary for each of us today.
Beginning with a warm-up based on Masunaga’s Zen Imagery Exercises to awaken the energetic movement through the meridian lines of the body, we will elicit the focused awareness that calls poetic agency into being. We will progress into the use of a variation of Authentic Movement to create “body ballads” with the mover/hero, the watcher/protector/shadow, and recorder/archivist/bard.


Carol McDowell, MFA/UCLA, is an interdisciplinary dance artist and educator. Born in California and raised in Hawai’i, she fell in love with modern dance while studying with Betty Jones. Since then,Carol has performed Kei Takei’s Light Parts 15-19, Jack Moore’s Four Songs, Pooh Kaye’s Active Graphics, Tim Miller’s Cost of Living, Karen Finley’s Theory of Total Blame, Barbara Dilley’s Naked Face, Cid Pearlman’s High Fall, Victoria Mark’s Medium Big Inefficient Considerably Imbalanced Dance, Maria Garcia’s Scenes of Abjection and a series of solos by Jmy Kidd, Laurel Jenkins, Alexx Shilling, Nickels Sunshine, Kevin Williamson. Her work has been presented at Highways Performance Space, Pieter, Looking Left/Santa Cruz, ArtShareLA, LAiDfest, Craftswoman House, Skirball Cultural Center, Sweeney Art Gallery, Anatomy Riot, Platinum Oasis, The Kitchen, DTW, PS 122, and abroad in Europe and Indonesia. Someday McDowell will complete her PhD. Currently she teaches at CSULB, Rio Hondo College, and West LA College and collaborates on many different projects as performer, choreographer, dramaturg, and lighting designer.
the lineup:
Jan 15 and 22 // Carol McDowell // NOETIC MOVEMENT
Jan 29, Mar 26 // Yunuen Rhi // WALKING THE DAO
Feb 5, 12 // Matt Lo-Fang // CELLO MOTION
Feb 26, Mar 5 // Jen Hong // INSIDE INFORMS OUTSIDE
Mar 12, 19 // Andrew Pearson // BODIES IN PLAY
April 2, 9 // eLa Aldrete // SER MOVIMIENTO, BEING MOVEMENT
April 16, 23, 30 // Roxanne Steinberg // JOURNEY DREAM FLOWER
May 7, 14 // Jennie Mary Tai Liu // PERFORMORDEAL
June 4, 11 // Stacy Dawson Stearns // IMAGE UNBOUND
June 18, 25 // Carmela Hermann Dietrich // WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND?

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Photo Credit: Nguyen Nguyen, Pictured: Carol McDowell in Alexx Shilling's "be cool"