Mojo Technique, curated by Stacy Dawson Stearns
Jmy James Kidd // BODY BAG
Monday, Apr 9 2018
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
$15-20 sliding scale Register
Stacy Dawson Stearns curates this season of mojo training for Monday Morning Class at Pieter. These classes are offered with the intention of deepening and complicating the dance, movement, and artistic practices of the participants. Los Angeles takes things to a different level and dance is never just dance. Poetry is never just poetry. Pipes are never pipes. Induce your bodymind to go to the MOJO and get thee to class!
Classes are $15-20 sliding scale, OR you can take advantage of our 12 class pack for $120 and 6 class pack for $70 by paypaling (friends&family) and writing “MMCmojo2018 12 pack or MMCmojo2018 6 pack” in the comment line. Class packs only apply to MMC Mojo Technique classes.
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April 9 // Jmy James Kidd // BODY BAG
I am just inhabiting this particular body right now. These 2 hours on April 9, as part of the Monday Morning class series at Pieter organized by Stacy Stearns will be a time to work together moving and being. I am a dancer, I do love to dance. I love to be in my studio with people dancing. I will share with you the structures of time, movement and human intention I work within when I work with people. I am at the moment designing a dance for 20 – 30 people. I don’t know where or when this dance will be performed. I don’t have roles in my dances other than participation or not. All of the movements in my designs are choices to be made, worked through to an agreed upon understanding in the studio. There are many conflicts in the design of the movements, conceptual to metaphysical and inside these conflicts is where we work on specificity. I, as the leader of the group give myself the responsibility of designing dances to engage the people dancing in a fully challenging, fun and meaningful way. I believe that at a purely base level, the act of dancing always has the potential to be sacred and radical. In the performance of dancing I believe it to be one of the few times where humans are allowed to just stare at other humans and as the dancer I try and allow my bag of body to be seen. 

Jmy James Kidd grew up in San Francisco, CA. She designs dances and clothing and makes watercolors. She spent her 20’s dancing in New York City with luciana achugar, Neil Greenberg, Nancy Meehan and Walter Dundervill among others. She started training hardcore ballet through a San Francisco Ballet scholarship outreach program in public schools, then working with Mel Wong at UC San Cruz followed by brutal Cunningham technique as a RUG (what the second company was called). She has spent the last 8 years in Los Angeles developing a healthful studio practice with a spiritual body. She started working on designing dances within a trio of women called MGM ( She founded a nonprofit dance studio in Los Angeles called Pieter ( that in many ways was a response to the somewhat sadistic, repressive and fully conservative dance training she received in SF and NYC. Her work has been presented at various institutions of commerce like galleries and museums ( She continues to seek connection with Nature, maybe it is time to move to the woods? She makes solo work, directs a group of dancer people called The Sunland Dancers and collaborates with musician Tara Jane O’Neil.


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Photo Credit: Joanne Kim, Pictured: Jmy James Kidd performing at House of the Book