Movement for Non-Dancers: WOrkshop with Jane Paik
Sunday, Sep 8 2013
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Workshop with Jane Paik
Sliding scale of $10-20, or $20-30 if taken along with the “Changing Perspective” workshop at 12:30-3pm

This is the class that fits between the classes.- you have always wanted to dance, but never quite had the opportunity, time, courage.
– you used to dance, but it’s been a while. maybe even a long while.
– you want to understand the mechanics of the body just a bit more.
– you feel to shy to enter a ‘real’ dance class but you want something more than the (disco) dance floor.

This is for you.

This workshop will employ a combination of yoga, pilates, and floor work to warm up the body as well as educate you on some of the basics of muscle/bone mechanics. We will then move into classical dance techniques, combinations and movement exercises to get the body moving and expressing.

About the Teacher:
Jane Paik is an experimental musican and modern dancer; yogini, meditator and philosopher. She was the founder and member of the janet pants dans theeatre who toured around the US opening for acts such as Deerhoof, Liars, Mirah, Tara Jane O’Neil, Anna Oxygen and the Blow. As janet pants (solo and collaborations), she has performed at the TBA festival, Walker Art Museum, LACE, PICA, disjecta, The Electric Lodge as well as punk rock clubs, basements, living room floors and tops of buildings. She has choreographed for award-winning productions by Cloud Eye Control and Hand to Mouth Theater and has most recently choreographed and starred in the music video for “How Do I Know” for the band Here We Go Magic.

As a teacher, she has taught yoga/pilates/mind-body awareness and movement classes for the past 20 years and is most interested in how to bring the elements of these practices into everyday living in modern times through meditation, awareness and action. As a student she is continuously studying the the brain, the heart, nature and nuture from the different perspectives of traditional therapy, spiritual practices and science and how they combine to make us who we are – the gifts they have given us and the obstacles they have created. A native and daughter of Los Angeles, jane has also logged considerable time living in portland, ore. and new york. currently she lives in torino, italy where she continues her journeys as an yoga/pilates/english teacher and plays in the band quincunx.