Music Issues: Bodies of Sound // Journal Launch with Native Strategies
Sunday, Jul 17 2016
8:30 PM - 10:30 PM
Sunday, July 17

Music Issues: Bodies of Sound // Journal Launch with Native Strategies

After a 2 year hiatus, Native Strategies returns this summer with the launch of our 5th journal “Music Issues: Bodies of Sound” at Pieter space July 17th at 8:30 pm.

Co-curated with Jules Gimbrone, “Music Issues: Bodies of Sound” is a collection of conversations, images and essays generated by artists who use their bodies as sounding material or treat sound itself as a non body: uncontainable, interpenetrating, and inherently queer. For 4 weeks in the summer of 2014 at LACE (los angeles contemporary exhibitions) participating artists were invited to perform for each other and conduct dialogs within an immersive installation designed by Tanya Rubbak. The installation was titled N(enter)S evoking a native strategies issue come to life in three dimensions. This was the first public enactment of the “live archive”, a developing theory about the intrinsically collaborative aspects of performance and design co-authored by Getnick and Rubbak. 
Thanks to Jules Gimbrone, Angel Alvarado, LACE, Shohig Halajian, Sarah Russin, Melissa Castellano, Noor Asif, the Echo Park Film Center, Side Street Projects and the Department of Cultural Affairs.
This is a free event. Journals will be on sale.

Admission to this show is a non-monetary donation. Suggestions include: party snacks, party drinks like tasty lite summer beers, clothes for FREE Boutique, hard tennis balls for rolling out, dancer snacks for during rehearsal like sugar free nut butters, rice cakes, avocados, oranges, apples.

Please Park On the Street.