Nature Worship Workshop with Jmy James Kidd
Tuesday, Jul 19 2016
3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Tuesday         July 19, 3 – 7pm
Wednesday   July 203 – 7pm
Thursday       July 21,  3 – 7pm (With Included Feldenkrais class as part of the Workshop,  6 – 7pm)
Friday            July 22,  3 – 7pm, public showing at 5:30pm 

Nature Worship Workshop with Jmy James Kidd

Limited to 7 people. **Workshop FULL! Please email for wait list. 
No Dance training necessary, any questions email Jmy at
Space is limited, please RSVP to by Friday July 15th.


This 4 day, 16hr workshop led by Jmy Kidd will be a rehearsal process culminating in public work-in-process showing. The process will include getting to know one another through talking, moving, watching and learning together. The movement material will come from Gateway (a piece by The Sunland Dancers, 2014 – 2015). The Gateway movement material is specific in intention and must be individual and unique to the body-mind-spirit of each dancer person. This material is learned and practiced only to be a system of support for dancing, for improvisation, for experiencing performing as a group and as an individual. In learning these phrases, sequences and bits of movement, we will learn about ourselves, our habits, our patterns of dancing, our assumptions. All learned movements can be combined and layered in any way. The dance has no sequence that it must be performed in, there are no set spatial patterns and we will practice engaging what we personally know to be choreography and hopefully tap into the way our bodies actually want to move. The learned movement, the system of support can be left completely in this dance, it will always there to come back to, or can never be left at all. We will engage our sensory systems to give us information in the situation of being with one another, practicing and learning together and performing this dance together. We will dance with feelings, we will learn with laughter and we will seek the nature inside. We will then practice performing.

This workshop will be lead by Jmy Kidd with members of The Sunland Dancers coming throughout the workshop. The Sunland Dancers are: Perin Hailey McNelis, Lisa Wahlander, Alexa Weir, Jil Stein and Jmy Kidd.

image credits

Ace Hotel / Los Angeles Performance Practice Event, November 2015. Sunland Dancers: Jil Stein, Lisa Wahlander, Myrrhia Rodriguez, Jmy Kidd. By Jonathan Potter

236A — Getty, Friday Night Flight curated by The Lucky Dragons. Sunland Dancers Jmy Kidd, Jil Stein. June 2015.

Jmy Kidd and Tara Jane ONeil at New Museum. By John Tain.

Perin Hailey McNelis and Jmy Kidd at Calarts. By Scott Groller.

The Sunland Dancers at Pieter, April 2016. Jil Stein, Alexa Weir, Lisa Wahlander. Joanne Kim

CalArts International Gateway Program