New Moon Realness en Tiempos de Quebrantamiento
Estrellx Supernova
Saturday, Jun 12 2021
4:44 PM - 7:44 PM
$33.33-$99.99 sliding scale per session via Venmo or PayPal. No one turned away for lack of funds. Please use the following template HERE to gauge your income/privilege level and choose from your own place/space of abundance. Make your own informed, heart-centered decision. Register

Bookings are closed for this event.

Estrellx invites you to dig deeper into your selves and cells and supports you with activating the rooms of infinite potential within yourself. The focus of our time together is to support you with getting messy and simultaneously clearer on what your intentions are for this next moon cycle.


We will take stock of where you are, where you’ve been and where you desire to go from here, internally and externally. In order to imagine new possibilities on the external plane, it is imperative to imagine and create tectonic shifts within our own bodyodyody landscapes first.


What parts of you are longing to be freed, fed, heard, and witnessed?
What if we started with what feels impossible as a departure point for expanding our imagination?
What if nothing holds us back?
What roots and limiting narratives need to be aired out and re-written?

What do we do with historical context / lineage?


I will weave together a series of exercises I have been working on including somatic practices, movement scores, club dancing, Tarot, group discussion, writing-doodling-stream of consciousness, meditative states, wandering. The goal is to expand and deepen your capacity to be receptive to your own needs, intuition, and impulses.


The work will allow you to decide how you orient your body and needs towards the journey I am offering and that we will be co-creating together. There will be different kinds of movement exploration that can be adjusted to serve your body’s needs and no prior movement experience is required.


Each session will be radically different from the previous one and will be informed by the energies, questions, and desires of the folks who show up.


In terms of preparation, please have water with you, something to write with/ on, bring any elements that have special significance to you, and wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in.


This series is Open to All (yet always uplifting the voices of Black, Indigenous, Queer, Trans Folks of Culture).


If you have any specific access needs prior to the workshop, please email Estrellx at with all inquiries.



Estrellx Supernova (they/them) is a queer AfroIndigenous artist, creative director, curator, choreographer, and healer whose roots extend into Guatemala, Angola, & Portugal. They currently invest their time into designing a space called La Escuela de Cariño, Corporealidad, y Artes Sutiles / The School of Tenderness, Embodied Kinetics, and Alchemical Arts (2020-2033), which will be a queer club, farm, choreographic innovation incubator, performance venue, and healing center by and for BIQTPOC folks and allies.


Estrellx’s choreographic work is rooted in movement that channels, excavates, and shape-shifts through psychosomatic states revealing the invisible presences contained within all spaces and uses impossibility as a departure point for creating possibility. They conjure choreographic containers that illuminate the power of rupture, incremental gesture, clarity, pleasure-the erotic-joy, accountability, and stickiness. They love getting messy by conjuring rituals within quotidian and natural landscapes and explore club spaces as sites of generative dissonance [alone, and together] asking, “Are we celebrating or mourning or both? How do we prepare for the not yet seen? How can we begin to notice and awaken the spiritual, sonic, ancestral, energetic templates available to us to shift into the next paradigm?”


Estrellx was a 2019 danceWEB | Impulstanz scholarship recipient and most recently was awarded a Creative Capital Award for their project Encuentro 33: Queer Neurocognitive Architectures Hidden in Plain Site(s), which will support them in bringing their vision of La Escuela to life.



Spring 2021 Programming selection committee: Jessica Hemingway, Joy Angela, Janine Lim, Serena Caffrey & Dorothy Dubrule.

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