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Sunday, Dec 11 2011
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

A workshop on intuitive choreographic practice by Nick Duran at Pieter PASD.

“I gave up the idea of evolution. I gave up all the theories—even the atomic theory. And I haven’t any ideas myself. And I don’t believe anyone else’s. So that leaves me a clear mind. Gosh, yes, I’m an empty mind. So when something comes into it, you can see it.”
-Agnes Martin, 1997

In this composition workshop we will ready ourselves to work from the idea of having no ideas. We will make efforts to understand the mysterious nature of our creative spirit and develop/strengthen our intuitive procedures for making dances. We will employ some meditative exercises to help empty our minds, internally warm our physical bodies, and attune our energetic bodies—We will tap into the very source of creation within all of us.

Energetically-guided, improvisational exercises will bring us to generate “new” material. We will use our human technologies—teaching and following one another—to document phrases. We will share, watch, and write about our material to begin to understand where it comes from—what places, what memories, what sources. Without relying on representational devices, we will trust and allow this information to guide our dances as they take shape.

We will discover ways to create a space for perception in our unfolding work. We will introduce formal tasks relating to space and time. We will test the potential for emotional and psychological design. We will push the boundaries of design to take us further into formless, blurry, and richly-layered territory with our dances. We will again share, watch, and write to determine the depths of references emerging, both personal and historic. We will understand dance as an abstract form with the power to conjure and reveal.