One Axe
Saturday, Mar 28 2015
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM

One Axe
Saturday March 28, 8pm

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Join us on the evening of diverse short plays and “films-on-stage” from established and emerging female filmmakers and theater artists. From absurdist comedies to evocative dramas, the stories presented feature a range of voices, with an emphasis on originality and boldness. Participating artists are television staff writers, Tribeca award winners, celebrated comedic performers, all female-identifying creators with a new vision they’ll be sharing for one night only.

The showcase is open to the public, but we invite potential producers—both film and theater—to search out new works here. We will have an in-depth program on hand, so you may contact our artists about their project—or yours—if you are interested in their work.

One Axe is a quarterly industry showcase and an incubator for new works from female filmmakers and theater artists looking to develop their pieces collaboratively. One Axe functions as a middle ground, filling in the gap between an MFA and continued professional success and operating as a launch pad for new, riskier pieces from established artists who wish to work with other women. We also welcome artists who are looking to make a jump from one creative profession to another within the film and theater worlds, with the central goal of flooding the market with viable, sharp, singular female stories and makers. Sponsored by Final Draft and a node of the Women’s Center for Creative Work. Visit for more information.

Spring Showcase Lineup Features:

Wendy C. Ortiz’s “Spell”
directed by Meera Menon

Becky Thyre’s “Sandbox”
directed by Sabrina Weisz

Anastasia Kousakis’s “The Day After the Day After You Were Born”
directed by Leah Anova

LaShea Delaney’s “Bet and Flo”
directed by Ashley Nicole Black

Melanie Kirschbaum & Alexandra Decas’s “Smart”
directed by Tamar Halpern

Ariana Berkowitz’s “Potty Mouth”
directed by Kat Vondy

Donations to FREE BAR and FREE BOUTIQUE are still gratefully accepted to Pieter on show night. Suggested items include wine and beer to share, pizza, twinkle lights, favorite old books, oversized sweaters, books for our new library, large sized laundry hamper style baskets.