Partner Acrobatics for the Theatre Performer
Ryan Madson and Vickie Curtis
Sunday, Apr 23 2017
11:30 AM - 3:30 PM
$30 Register
In this half-day workshop, we will explore basic partner acrobatics poses and transitions in order to build a strong foundation in the principles of this partnered movement practice. From there, we’ll open into a more creative exploration of these movements, lifts, and poses: variations on a theme. How can small adjustments to shape, tempo, and gaze begin to create story?
We will branch away from typical acro yoga poses but continue to work with the basic principles to generate partner movement that begins to feel like a theatrical encounter. We will speak to and explore topics ranging from somatic experience and anatomy, to nonverbal communication with a scene partner, to basic trust, to narrative structure.
This workshop is intended for movers and performers with little to no acrobatic experience who are looking to incorporate this practice into their existing repertoire. Come solo or with a partner. At the outset, we will create pairs and trios, likely giving everyone the chance to work with more than one partner.
Ryan Madson is the director and composer of the internationally touring, award-winning circus theatre show, Sub Rosa. With a background in the visual and performing arts, as well as years of gymnastics training, Ryan has been creating and performing circus theatre for the last ten years. His modalities include cyr wheel, partner acrobatics, trapeze, and clown. He holds a B.S. in Music Production from University of Colorado, Denver. He has been teaching ‘Acro Fusion’ in Boulder, Colorado for the past three years and has guest taught at Divine Play, the national Acro Yoga convention. He is a founding member of Boulder’s circus community, Fractal Tribe.
Vickie Curtis is a theatre maker, educator, and writer. Within the realms of theatre and film, she works with creative ensembles to devise true stories for the stage and screen. Her credits include the award-winning films FRAME BY FRAME (SXSW 2015) and CHASING CORAL (Sundance 2017), as well as an upcoming gallery performance in collaboration with the photographers of Everyday Africa. Vickie holds an MFA in contemporary performance from Naropa University, where she focused on overlapping documentary theatre and movement practices. She has incorporated partner acrobatics into her practice for the last two years, exploring the space between acrobatics and storytelling as the story adviser for Ryan Madson’s Sub Rosa.