Parts Work for Covid-Quarantine Self Care: An experiential workshop
Rikki Rothenberg, LMFT
Wednesday, Apr 29 2020
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
$10-40 via venmo or paypal (no one turned away for lack of funds & all funds directly benefit Pieter) Register

In this workshop using the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model of psychotherapy, we will bring understanding and compassion to the multiplicity that is within each of us. IFS is an integrative psychotherapy model that is based on the idea that we have a core Self and also parts or sub-personalities (which may appear as thoughts, beliefs, body sensations, feelings, and images). In IFS, we aim to bring a sense of calm and harmony within by identifying and getting to know parts, so that we may unburden them from any extreme role they have taken on (ie: strong beliefs, overworking stress response, limiting narratives etc.). Simultaneously, building and accessing a compassionate and calm center from which you may lead your life.



Using parts-work, guided meditation, simple movement exercises, drawing/writing, and somatic awareness we will:


Cultivate deeper connection to your core Self

Understand and take time with parts connected to Covid-Quarintine

Build a relationship between parts and Self

Practice helping these parts become less extreme

Create a more harmonious feeling inside through breath, movement and mindfulness

Increase self compassion and acceptance



I will share and lead you through practices that support your own innate healing ability and contact with inner resources. This work is based in safety, nonjudgement, and inclusivity. No previous experience with the IFS model required. All are welcome!



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Rikki Rothenberg, LMFT, is a licensed psychotherapist, visual and performance artist in Los Angeles, CA. Rikki’s practice includes Internal Family Systems, integrative psychotherapy, somatic techniques, Authentic Movement, and attachment theory in her work with clients. Some areas of focus are issues of identity & radical self acceptance, grief work, trauma/Trauma, QLGBTIAPP*SGL*QPOC*+, sexual & gender diverse identities and Kink/BDSM affirmative care. Rikki will be utilizing the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model for this workshop. IFS is a systems based therapy model that is deeply restorative, creative, and experiential.