***CANCELLED*** Art Salon with Patrisse Cullors-Brignac
Monday, Nov 17 2014
8:30 PM - 11:30 PM

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Art Salon with Patrisse Cullors-Brignac is cancelled this evening.

Team, come make art with me. I feel like we spend so much time out of ourselves. So, let’s play, share, dance, yell, cry and love up on each other, together! Please bring all types of art materials. Bring your canvas, your projector, your camera, your paints, your altar items.

The first hour of the salon we will make art. The last hour of the salon we will show the team our art. When folks show up, Ill be presenting a theme!

Admission is your non-monetary donation to the FREE bar or the FREE boutique.
Suggested items include: beer to share, rosemary crackers, dried fruit, cabernet, cookies, cafe bustelo, avocados, coconut nibs, a torn towel, rice cakes, pillows, peanut butter, a chair, pens, your old skirts and trousers.  Please park on the street.