Performing the Musical Body
Robyn Nisbet
Tuesday, Nov 14 2017
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
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Where does the impetus to dance come from? How do we transmit movement ideas to one another? How do we experience dance performance as the performer or as an audience member?
We are visual, we are aural, we are verbal, we are emotional, we are physical, we are rhythmic, we are sentient, and we are certainly permeable. For this dance workshop, we will focus on our musical bodies, our sensory systems of learned and ever changing pathways, our bodies as musical scores. As we tap into our musical bodies, we can investigate performance, where we may feel limited or constricted, where we feel expressive or expansive, and where we feel true.
We will play with breath phrasing, sensory work, mimesis, sounding, singing, and some fun choreography.   For the final part of class, we will do some improvisational work with musical composer and guitarist, George Karpasitis.
During this four-hour workshop we will take breaks as necessary. Please feel free to bring snacks.
Please email me with any questions and to r.s.v.p. at


Robyn Nisbet is a dancer, writer, filmmaker, and photographer. Robyn is also a practitioner of Ifa, a West African spiritual tradition. Introduced to this practice through Afro-Brazilian dance, which has its roots in West African Orisá (deity) devotion, Robyn continues to investigate what it means to be in synergy with energies driven by rhythm, spirit, and community. Robyn’s performance work has been deeply influenced by personal studies with post-Butoh based artists, Dana and Shinichi Iova-Koga. The work emphasizes complete presence of the body in relationship to time, space, and the environment. Robyn is also inspired by her experiences dancing in Senegal, Brazil, and France, where she has studied the circle through hip hop and West African traditional dance forms. For Robyn the circle teaches the importance of being seen as an individual as well as witnessing the individual from the collective perspective. Currently Robyn is considering the idea of “self-portrait” in her photography, film work, and movement practices.
George Karpasitis is a guitarist, composer, and music teacher born and raised on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.  His musical journey started at the age of 13, and his path so far has been blessed with performances and collaborations around the world.  He is influenced by all kinds of music, but is currently focusing his energy on film scoring.
Photo Credit: Taso Papadakis