Personal Unity
Alana Reibstein
Saturday, May 13 2017
8:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Non-monetary Donation (see event description) and/or contribution to Pieter's Floor Fund Register
Personal Unity is an ongoing performance-project that seeks to create intimacy in, with, and around spaces, people, and objects.
In its third iteration, I will encounter you one-by-one in a private space. If it seems necessary, we will acknowledge how we know each other. Maybe we don’t know each other at all. Either way…we will look, speak, listen, and move together. I will gift you an object that I feel something about, and you will bring one (some) too.
The performance will continue without me as you create your own ecosystems in the spaces provided. You might begin to (e)valu(at)e objects as you negotiate them.
How does intimacy occur through and with objects? What methods of looking, observing, and seeing might we use to allow our things, our spaces, and our people to inform our individual agencies?
Through this project I hope to find out how we can foster environments in which individuals feel comfortable and compelled to act on their desires. Enacting this consent might ensure that our relationships to every person and thing in our surroundings be more intentional, intimate, and sustainable. Perhaps if we can learn to negotiate our lives in this way, we can subvert impersonal, capitalist frameworks and help our material possessions and aesthetic sensibilities become affirming and healing parts of our lives.
Though the piece involves everyone, I identify myself as a solo performer and effectively define the entire situation as performative. In this way each participant is encouraged to embody the privileged, yet fragile position of the performer—someone who watches, witnesses, observes, and responds. When we understand ourselves as performers, as participants in a piece with a soloist at its center, a variety of questions arises: What kinds of intimacy do we find in each of these relationships—from person to person, from object to object? What does it mean to be in a brief partnership with the soloist? Are they still the soloist when you are with them? Will you check back in on them? Will your partnership remain…?
Personal Unity is a research project in its early stages. Each situation will be made by the people in the room at the time of the project. I am grateful to be with you!
To participate, please arrive at Pieter by 8:30pm with an object that you value (or don’t!) in some way. This will be a contribution both to the performance and to Pieter Space, who will adopt the object forever (Pieter always appreciates: Septic-Safe Single Ply Toilet Paper, Coffee & Tea, Socks, Blankets, Dance/Art Books For Our Library, Mirrors Of All Sizes, Picture Frames, Sponges, Drinks And Healthy Snacks Such As Apples, Sugar-Free Nut Butters, And Rice Cakes—but any sort of thing will work). If you would like to bring objects that roll, I’d love that!
This project is in the making with collaborator Paolo Yumol. Jasper McMahon will be providing the sound.
Alana Reibstein makes performance in Los Angeles. She is a live/performance artist, choreographer, dancer, and writer. She is also a co-initiator/editor of Riting (, a platform for performance work happening now in Los Angeles. Her work is currently concerned with how different modes of participation and performance can create intimacies and agencies.